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T-K.A.S.H. Turf War Syndrome Guerilla Funk • 2006

Of course, this is not hip-hop to easily consume, it’s music for the engaged listener. The strange thing is: while T-KASH succeeds in making you really listen to the words and messages, you only feel the urge to push the repeat button on some of the tracks. Exactly those tracks are enough to tell you that T-KASH is your perfect guide for revolution: a strong focus and the power to lyrically damage the mic.

POSTED 03|20|2006
Tall, Dark and Handsome
Tall, Dark and Handsome Tall, Dark and Handsome B-Boy • 1988

At the time, B-Boy Records had top acts like BDP, Coldcrush Brothers and JVC Force, but in the shadow of KRS, Curt Cazal and co there was this group called Tall, Dark & Handsome. Mr Delirious KD, Chill, Big Pooh and DJ Kool Money Ray are from the Westside of the Boogie Down Bronx and were discovered by DJ Red Alert.

POSTED 07|25|2005
Tame One
Tame One OG Bobby Johnson Eastern Conference • 2005

Tame returns with a few unknown producers like C-Chan, Face Valyou, DJ Porno and Govone, trying to mix his familiar raw old-schoolish rappin with dark, moody beats.

POSTED 03|22|2005
Tame One
Tame One Spazmatic Blazin • 2006

On the mic: Tame One, the Notty Headed Terror from New Jerusalem, in a former life partner of El Da Sensei in the super formation Artifacts. On the boards: Xing N Fox, a promising and creative production team whose main concern is to push the boundaries of hip-hop into new dimensions.

POSTED 02|19|2006
Tanya Morgan
Tanya Morgan Moonlighting Loud Minority • 2006

Tanya Morgan’s sophomore release is another highlight for Cincinnati and its rap scene. Von Pea, Donwill and Illyas have clearly evolved as a group and are here to moonlight for the next few years.

POSTED 06|13|2006
Tanya Morgan
Tanya Morgan Rubber Souls Imprint180 • 2013

Tanya Morgan is back, broadened their sound, grew more mature but kept in touch with their inner child. Just like The Beatles with 'Rubber Soul'.

POSTED 10|01|2013
Tek N Steele are Smif N Wessun
Tek N Steele are Smif N Wessun Reloaded Duck Down • 2005

The first sentence of the album already forecasts a celebrated return; 'Smif N Wessun is the band that I’m reppin, the brand of the weapon, the reason why you have to respect us', however Dru Kevorkian's tappin synth sounds remind of a 2nd hand Alchemist beat and the lazy hook annoys, but the tight, raw lyrics hit down hard and take us back to 'Dah Shinin' days.

POSTED 09|30|2005
Termanology & DC
Termanology & DC Out The Gate Showoff • 2006

This album, sometimes R&B-ish, but never boring (except for 'Baby'), grows on you with every spin you give it. Include the nice scratching, the samples and oversee a few of Term’s incapabilites and 'Out The Gate' turns out to be a very decent debut album!

POSTED 04|17|2006
Th3ory Hazit
Th3ory Hazit Thr3e HumbleBeast • 2012

Theory Hazit constantly holds a mirror in front of society's face, pointing out quite rashly its evils and ignorance, even proclaiming the end of the world.

POSTED 02|09|2012
Thaione Davis
Thaione Davis Situation Renaissance EP Birthwrite • 2004

This musical piece is one of the best things that came out in 2004, with tight lyricism and extra-ordinary production by Thai Uno, Kenny Keys and Overflo. Groovy bass lines, the illest loops, the fattest snares and lyrics that are just fresh and sometimes filled with socially awareness.

POSTED 07|13|2005
Thaione Davis
Thaione Davis April January Domination • 2005

With 'April January', we’ve tumbled in a world of various sounds, feelings, worlds ànd seasons. We’re taken on a journey through spring, summer, fall and winter, through Africa, a big part of Asia, over the Southern parts of Europe back to Chicago.

POSTED 07|26|2005
Thaione Davis
Thaione Davis Burgundy Jericho Lounge • 2007

With an urge to constantly re-invent himself, Thaione’s work never bores or sounds the same. Not only an aesthetic must but also an educational trip, with recurrent references to a history of slavery and suppression, this album is clearly above the average standard that most instrumental albums tend to carry.

POSTED 06|26|2007

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