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J Rawls
J Rawls Liquid Crystal Project Hum Drums • 2006

J Rawls and jazz go together as Doritos and guacamole dip so it was only a matter of time for a project like this to see the light of day and we must say it surprised us still. Okay, there’s a lot of blueprints and dedications involved, but it’s at the same time from a very personal, creative point-of-view, makin this album unique in a small niche of hip-hop, where it only competes with albums such as Madlib’s 'Shades Of Blue', for best recording.

POSTED 10|18|2006
J-Rock Streetwize Ghetto Groovz • 1991

J Rock the Messiah drops dope lyrics, telling stories about pimpin, hustling, trying to survive in the hood, which would make Jeru the Damaja jealous.

POSTED 10|26|2004
J-Zone A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work Old Maid / Fat Beats • 2004

Where’s this gonna end? On the MTV Awards right between Chrisitina Aguilera and J Lo, maybe? CPF says it’s a 2004 highlight!

POSTED 09|20|2004
J-Zone Experienced N/A • 2006

Behold the first project in a series of J-Zone instrumental albums that’s gonna hit us in our sunbaked face this summer. While usually playing basketball at a grimey court around the corner, J-Zone has been sittin in the lab for some special surprises.

POSTED 07|03|2006
J-Zone To Love A Hooker OST Old Maid Ent • 2006

As the 'rapper' J-Zone has laid down his mink coat and microphone, all attention goes to his production work nowadays. With a series of instrumental projects coming up, this former intern engineer at Power Play Studios and Vance Wright sidekick, lays all the odds on his beats. Some haters will become fans, some fans will hate the fact that the raps are gone, but anyway you turn it, connoisseurs of hip-hop cannot else than be thrilled with this album.

POSTED 10|04|2006
Jake One
Jake One White Van Music Rhymesayers • 2008

'White Van Music' proves that Jake One is a gifted producer with a network from deep under till way, way over the ground, of which this album is a good showcase, but as an album between albums, this one doesn’t hold ground among the best of them.

POSTED 10|24|2008
Jamall Bufford & Kensaye
Jamall Bufford & Kensaye Freedom Is TBO • 2015

With London producer Kensaye, the Michigan MC has found an overseas soul mate, in the tradition of producers he worked with in the past.

POSTED 09|01|2015
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Ruff Draft EP Mummy • 2003

It’s thuggish, on the edge of commercial but at the same time with so much class, craftsmanship and street credibility that I want this in the clubs instead of all the fake-ass bullshit I’m hearing lately. 'For the DJ’s who play that real live shit'

POSTED 03|06|2004
Jazzy Jay
Jazzy Jay Cold Chillin In The Studio Live! UNI • 1989

Of all the featuring artists only Diamond, Lord Finesse and Tony D went on to make name for themselves, and that’s a shame because there’s a lot of talent on this LP. The album is a celebration of rap music in 1989 !

POSTED 04|26|2004
Jedi Mind Tricks
Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy of Blood Babygrande • 2004

Jedi Mind’s music is full of emotions, in lyrics as well as in beats. Vinnie Paz spits aggression and is ready to take over: 'we coming for blood!'.

POSTED 10|03|2004
Jeff Spec
Jeff Spec Rhythm And Blues Avery • 2005

As a member of the City Planners crew, alongside Ishkan, Sweet G, Sichuan and Moka Only, the rep grew bigger and outside Canada, the recognition has only grown more with his 2002 release on Day By Day Ent, 'Dark City'.

POSTED 02|09|2006
Jerboa & Lefto
Jerboa & Lefto Eardrums EP Jerb Records • 2004

Watch out for the sleeve, might contain cerumen!

POSTED 11|11|2004

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