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Sadat X
Sadat X Experience & Education Female Fun • 2005

'Experience and Education' is a well picked title as Sadat takes us on a journey through life and hip-hop by telling and even teachin' us about both. While being retrospect at moments, he never looses touch with present and future, and, at the same time, he takes time to emphasize on evolutions and contradictions and to place New York on the map.

POSTED 09|17|2005
Saheed & Numonics
Saheed & Numonics Not For Nothing - • 2013

On 'The Gaza Trip', the Israel born rapper from Miami grasps the nettle and touches a complex matter in an uncomplex manner, with a blunt and unbiased opinion.

POSTED 02|25|2013
Saint About Time Domination/Pro Se Rec • 2008

It's not really 'About Time' because it's not the first time that somebody comes and explains us how great hip-hop used to be and how wack a huge part of today's artists are nowadays, but everytime such artist steps up and revolts we still enjoy it, we still reminisce along with him (or her) and secretely hope that albums like these will convert one kid or another, or at least find its way to a bigger crowd.

POSTED 08|30|2008
Sankofa Still Means Something • 2005

When we first spinned this CD at the office, we were immediately thinking of whom his voice sounds like? Wulf heard Saafir with a cold, Englebert was thinking of a cousin of Celph Titled's who's more interested in reading books and watching movies instead of playing with guns, while I heard comparisons with Sage Francis after he spent a whole day waiting tables.

POSTED 11|19|2005
Sankofa The Tortoise Hustle ObeseAmerica • 2007

'The Tortoise Hustle' has Sankofa’s wit, his unexpectedly revealing and brutally honest self-and world-portraying lyrics, while at the same time, he’s sharing his love for Adidas ('Speaking In Tongues') and Big Daddy Kane ('The Zoom Zip') with the listener.

POSTED 10|06|2007
Scienz of Life
Scienz of Life Diggin In The Archives CD/DVD Raptivism • 2005

The CD runs through their discography and contains many singles (a & b-sides), exclusives and their first radio appearance on the legendary Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show.

POSTED 02|12|2005
Scienz Of Life
Scienz Of Life The Blaxploitation Sessions Shaman Work • 2006

They’ve grown more and more towards that Detroit sound since their debut album, but the inspiration of Dilla only makes their producer ànd therefore their music more tasteful and, dare we say, everlasting, because this is clearly SOL’s best release till this day. May the Powers Of Nine Either be with you!

POSTED 10|18|2006
Scoob Rock
Scoob Rock New Day 360 Degrees Ent • 2004

Sweden is more than Looptroop, Timbuktu or Soul Supreme. Take Scoob Rock for instance. He doesn’t really enjoy an international status, but with several experiences in life, his West-Indies background and therefore multi-influenced hip-hop, his music has the potential to live up to a worldwide status.

POSTED 02|07|2006
Sean-Toure' Sound Channeler: The Invisible Man Rosachi Music Group • 2011

While it’s not a magnum opus, it’s credible, well-rounded, and a good listen. Not a lord of the underground, but an admirable effort for a do-it-all.

POSTED 03|19|2012
Second Thought
Second Thought It's About That Time Wiseye • 2005

'It's About That Time' for the Second Thought crew, with sharp, clever lyrics and solid production, drained in jazz, a bit of soul and embodying the old-school (the smashing drums on 'Pass The Torch') and mid-school with East Coast-like productions but also reflectin a West Coast vibe ('Spaceman' is heavily influenced by the Pharcyde).

POSTED 10|12|2005
Self Scientific
Self Scientific Change Angeles Records • 2005

Ever since the single 'The Return', Self Scientific really can’t do nothing wrong to us. 'It’s the return to the way we were before the influx of drugs and money occurred', Chace Infinite courageously rapped over the warm and Southern beat of master producer Khalil. Five years after their debut 'The Self Science', Self Scientific returns with their sophomore album 'Change'.

POSTED 02|18|2006
Sene Brooklyknight Plug Research • 2012

Due to his left coast internship, Sene is not your usual Brooklyn MC. We doubt he would ever line up for a Brooklyn anthem like OC, Buckwild or Chubb Rock did. But then again: what’s a Brooklyn MC?

POSTED 06|19|2012

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