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Rashad & Confidence
Rashad & Confidence Element Of Surprise Ill Adrenaline • 2011

A few months ago they were unknown to most, now they have this excellent debut and nothing less but the world of a music genre to conquer.

POSTED 02|13|2012
Rasheed Chappell
Rasheed Chappell Future Before Nostalgia Kay-Dee Records • 2011

Project City, New Jersey lyricist Rasheed Chappell is a painter with words. As an author of a poetry book, Chappell plays all the cards of his vocabulary in order to turn his debut album into a sound palette full of imagery.

POSTED 08|04|2011
Rashid Hadee
Rashid Hadee Aural Sex: The Search For Pinky Tuscadero Honest Management LLC • 2012

'Pinky Tuscadero' encompasses the rowdy route of relationships and the seemingly Sisyphean search for the perfect spouse, at the same time exposing the bi-polar charachter of a relationship.

POSTED 04|05|2012
Rated X
Rated X And Then Came Tandem • 1990

Speaking of Lord Quas, the vocals on this album are pretty helium-sized as well. The more I play this album the better it gets…it’s mad funky like only the West could bump it back in the days.

POSTED 12|12|2004
Raw Produce
Raw Produce Selling Celery To Get A Salary Pro Se/RedLine • 2006

The 'Refrigerator Poetry' EP blew us away and until today it remains a mystery why Boston’s MC/producer Cadence and full-time MC Pitch remained mysteriously underrated throughout the years, although they knit a following to that release with great albums...

POSTED 11|25|2006
Ray West & OC
Ray West & OC Ray's Cafe Red Apples 45 • 2014

'I've been grimey, but that's not my style', OC admits. Well, we wouldn't have thought it when we heard 'War Games', we should have guessed it when we heard 'Stronjay'.

POSTED 01|28|2014
Red Hot Lover Tone
Red Hot Lover Tone #1 Player Select • 1995

Red Hot Lover Tone’s second and last solo album before he turned his name into Tone and made fame on the mainstream level with producer’s team Trakmasterz. The production on this album is done by well-known people such as Diamond D, Buckwild, Silver D, Greg Nice and The Trakmasterz.

POSTED 11|17|2004
Rich Medina
Rich Medina Connecting The Dots Kindred Spirit • 2005

The album begins like Common’s 'Be' started; with a plain but groovy bass line, matching perfectly with the baritone voice of Rich, layin down spoken words of knowledge. And so starts a trip through different kinds of music, goin from hip-hop, soul, lounge, Afro drum and spoken word.

POSTED 12|13|2005
Ron Contour & Factor
Ron Contour & Factor Saffron Fake Four Records • 2010

When knots blossom, bee’s milk flowers and the sun sets later, summer is behind the corner. If you’re a music adept, you then tend to hold on to the sounds of a mellow, fine-tuned album. Remove the dust from your outdoor music installation and take the garden chair out of the attic, because 'Saffron' might be that record accompanying you through the first sun showers.

POSTED 04|11|2010
Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi
Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi Hardbodie Hip Hop Shinigame • 2012

The Carl Lewis of the rap race doesn’t give one fuck. Actually he'll buck you in a second’ and claim he was on tour when asked about his whereabouts. And if you don't believe it, you're a 'Prostitute nigguh eatin pussy liquor'. When you think of checking out a Ruste record, you better put your kids to bed first.

POSTED 03|23|2012

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