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Black Milk
Black Milk Album Of The Year Fat Beats • 2010

Crispy clean production with still an organic feel to it, this release is a showcase of why he is close to being the legitimate heir to the throne of the late great James Yancey.

POSTED 09|27|2010
Black Milk & Danny Brown
Black Milk & Danny Brown Black And Brown EP Fat Beats • 2011

Brown takes no leaf before his mouth and spits out what comes up in his pitch-black mind, with a steel-solid flow that triggers Milk's merciless snares.

POSTED 04|04|2012
Blackalicious The Craft Anti • 2005

Influenced by a dozen of music styles, Chief Xcel has managed to bring to the table an exquisite mixture of MPC4000-crafted beats and live instrumentation, graced with Gift Of Gab's rapid, nasal and hypnotic flow.

POSTED 09|14|2005
Blackalicious Imani vol. 1 OGM Recordings • 2015

'Imani vol. 1' doesn't surprise. It has no new vibes, no new adventures, no new kinds of production. But that's just fine. The first part of the saga sounds timeless. Despite another two albums in the pipeline, fans can already be satisfied.

POSTED 11|16|2015
Blackmale Let It Swing Ruffhouse • 1989

The production on this album is simply amazing and deserves more than the status it has reached now, however it seems like the album is finding its way into the top ten lists of most underrated albums: damn right!

POSTED 12|01|2004
Blame One
Blame One A Complex Burden Polish Pub • 2005

'A Complex Burden' is an excellent album with profound lyrics and excellent production by some of the most talented producers in the Left Coast underground.

POSTED 03|25|2005
Blame One
Blame One Priest, Thief + Wizard N/A • 2006

With Kan Kick, Exile, Hoax One and Mr Brady on your album, not much can go wrong. Funk at its most seventies-t, jazz at its coolest and soul at its smoothest is mingled into the 13 songs of Blame One’s third full solo album. Of course, the artist has to hold his own and lace these cuts with some in-depth, refreshing and cool lyrics with a strong flow to make the album fully enjoyable.

POSTED 03|06|2006
Blood Of Abraham
Blood Of Abraham Future Profits Ruthless • 1993

The record is less gangsta rap than you’d expect, the main issues that are dealt with through the songs are racism and religion. The two rappers claim a better understanding between Jews and Blacks, cultural identity and ridicule the Ku-Klux Klan.

POSTED 12|12|2004
Blue Scholars
Blue Scholars Bayani Rawkus/MassLine Media • 2007

A unique combination of sharp lyricism and distinctive production, 'Bayani' is Blue Scholars at their best. Matured and sharper, Sabzi and Geology are heading for ultimate recognition, puttin the Northwest on the rap map for now and beyond.

POSTED 06|20|2007
Blueprint Adventures In Counter Culture RhymeSayers • 2011

Fresh, cool and inspiring, warm, energetic and spiritual, this album proves that rap is a very stretchable term.

POSTED 04|14|2011
Blueprint King No Crown Weightless Recordings • 2015

This record grabs one by the throat. It moves with personal stories. It tickles your inner Luther King with lucid observations.

POSTED 08|24|2015
Boodah And Da Bandit
Boodah And Da Bandit Brain On Drugz EP Tuff City • 1995

'Brain On Drugz' is a nice little album, dedicated to 'the substance that the law calls illegal'. It misses the quality of a Tuff City classic, but if they would have made a full length album it would've taken a place in hip-hop history! Must be treasured by weed smokers, Tuff City fans and hip-hop collectors.

POSTED 05|29|2005

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