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Masta Ace
Masta Ace A Long Hot Summer M3 • 2004

'A Long Hot Summer' proves that, after almost 20 years, one can still reach higher grounds. Respect.

POSTED 08|01|2004
Master Ace
Master Ace Take A Look Around Cold Chillin • 1990

Social activism, party and battle rhymes are the main ingredients of this album. Therefore, it pretty much shows us all aspects of hip-hop lyricism. Add the funky Marley Marl production to it, and you’ll gather this album is essential.

POSTED 03|06|2004
Mathematik No Division Urbnet • 2005

2001 marked the release of Superrappin vol 1, a collection of the underground's next generation of talented artists. Among them a handful of Canada's finest such as Frankenstein, Choclair, Da Grassroots ànd Mathematik, who shone and glistened with the excellent 'Following Goals' (feat Bahamadia), taken of his 1999 debut full length 'Ecology'.

POSTED 11|09|2005
Maylay Sparks
Maylay Sparks Truckdriver Fortuneteller EP Felix Records/Soulspazm Digital • 2011

Maylay Sparks, with his typical rigid, hungry flow and raw delivery, refers to his multiple travels, his fiend for alcoholic beverages, independent chicks and explains the rap mission he’s on.

POSTED 09|23|2011
Maylay Sparks
Maylay Sparks Hood Thrill Hunters RebelRahRecords • 2018

Maylay is not the type to send wav's back and forth. Rather he'd chill in the studio with his fellow musicians, crack a beer and a few jokes and unleash bars all night.

POSTED 10|11|2018
Maylay Sparks & GQ
Maylay Sparks & GQ The Ill Collabo Sony/BMG • 2005

Sublime is 'Leisure', with a guest spot by Grand Agent. This track was already released a few years ago as a 12' on Belgian label B9000. The beat is crafted by Norwegian producer The White Shadow and it's blazin: a mystic guitar loop and excellent samples scratched unto it.

POSTED 05|19|2005
MC Rell and The Houserockers
MC Rell and The Houserockers Into The Future Mercury • 1989

At the end of hip-hop’s most important decennia, Terrell Davis from NY took us on a trip to the future together with his crew The Houserockers. A year before he made a little buzz with the title song of the record, of which the video clip is low-budgetly legendary (a kindervoiture actually catches fire!).

POSTED 07|18|2005
MED When Push Comes To Shove Stones Throw • 2005

'When Push Comes To Shove' is an excellent album with a variety of incredible productions and top-notch rhymes. The LP starts in a dazzling tempo: first, there’s 'Can’t Hold on', a dedication to the salad days; 'I remember days of Kool Aid stains on the shirt' over a superb 80s disco-funk beat.

POSTED 05|30|2005
Mes The Jive Turkey
Mes The Jive Turkey Songs About You Self Core / Rhymesayers • 2006

Coming from a city called Dallas and a crew named The Socialists, Mes The Jive Turkey drops his first full lenght on Mr Dibbs' Self Core Records (distributed through Rhymesayers). A small tip: don't rely on the title too much, 'Songs About You' ain't your average love themed album, rather an expression of the ambiguity of life, its adversities, girls and their lips and the downfall of quality music.

POSTED 06|07|2006
Metermaids Nightlife 27Sound Ent • 2008

This album is a good listen, it's something different, the music's really energetic (ideal for live performances), some choruses really stick, but what comes in between, the verses, unfortunately don't.

POSTED 02|04|2009
MF Doom
MF Doom MM.. Food Rhymesayers • 2004

Not much has changed since the first full album, except for the fact that the producer Doom has evolved and his beats are even more hallucinating than they used to.

POSTED 11|17|2004
MF Doom
MF Doom MM.. Leftovers Rhymesayers • 2004

Still hungry after listening to the fantastic 'Mm Food' album? No worries, caus you can fill up the holes with 'Mm.. Leftovers'

POSTED 11|18|2004

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