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Senor Kaos
Senor Kaos The Kaos Effect High Water Music • 2011

This album shows the true face of Senor Kaos: a restless underground emcee (‘I never take a nap, not as long as the radio is playing crap’), full-time hustler (‘’to understand me, understand my hustle’), and all-round blogger.

POSTED 12|03|2011
Serge Severe
Serge Severe Back On My Rhymes Focused Noise • 2011

Prepare for sergery! Serge Severe is a lyrical surgeon from Portland who dissects drum patterns with dedicated precision and sharp raps. 'Back when I was young I grew a sharpe tongue', he admits. That'll explain the acute edge and fierce charachter of his rhymes, unabashedly piercing through your ear.

POSTED 02|21|2011
Serious Lee Fine
Serious Lee Fine Nothing Can Stop Us Arista • 1989

Besides a few uninspired tracks this album has a lot to offer. The lyrics aren’t bad and the production is tight on 90 % of the LP. This is stuff that you’ll come around in any thrift-shop or flea market and especially on Ebay, the CD version has one track extra…

POSTED 06|22|2005
Shaya Fallen Awake Interdependent Media • 2008

Shaya (= Arabic for 'worthy, deserving') honours his name with a strong debut, with not too many guests, and therefore accentuating his own talent, proving that years of hard work end up being rewarded anyway.

POSTED 08|20|2008
Shed Light
Shed Light Perseverance EarlySpotter • 2005

This album is everything you would expect from a Boston hip-hop label; raw lyrics and fat boombap are served on Shed Light’s debut album.

POSTED 03|07|2005
Show/D.I.T.C. Street Talk Lumberjack • 2005

The producer managed to make a variety of contemporary beats matching his guests, while staying true to the unwritten DITC-production-law. Some of y'all might know some of the tracks and/or lyrics on this LP, but rest assure that this ain't a reason for not picking up this record. Showbiz serves some delicious food to chill our big hunger during the wait for the next official DITC album, but ironically enough – this one makes our hunger only bigger.

POSTED 10|17|2005
Sivion Spring Of The Songbird Hiphop IS Music • 2006

When caterpillars turn butterflies, when birds start brooding and leaf knots start to blossom up, Spring sets in and brings new life, new ideas and freshness. 'Spring Of The Songbird' is Dallas resident and Deepspace5 member Sivion’s sophomore release (following his debut 'Mood Enhancement') and Brizzy Braille’s 'Hip Hop IS Music' label’s first-born.

POSTED 09|04|2006
Ski Beatz
Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School Presents: Twilight Bluroc/DD172 • 2012

Every beat is of an exceptional, flawless, well-mixed quality, creeping slowly but effectively under your skin, with the help of a tasteful piano or sax solo.

POSTED 02|26|2012
Skinny Boys
Skinny Boys Weightless Warlock • 1986

At the time the album sold over 400,000 copies! Seven years later they seemed not forgotten while their song 'They Can’t Have Enough' album appeared in Tony Scott’s 1993 cult movie 'True Romance'!

POSTED 03|24|2005
Slow Suicide Stimulus
Slow Suicide Stimulus Slow Suicide Stimulus FloSpot • 2006

Energetic, lively and raunchy, they’re pissin in the mainstream and do whatever they feel like doing. Backed with homemade production from Dusted Don Govone and cuts from the likes of Camu Tao, DJ Mighty Mi ànd El-P, this album has a very consistent sound.

POSTED 03|06|2006
Slug & Murs
Slug & Murs Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet Rhymesayers • 2005

Except for a few songs, this album is not like any Atmosphere album and it's not like any Murs/Living Legends album. It has lots of variation, and both rappers are havin a whole lot of fun and keep their sense of relativity intact at the same time...Murs and Slug are one of those few MC collaborations that work wonderfully!

POSTED 08|31|2005
Slum Village
Slum Village Detroit Deli (A Taste Of...) Capitol • 2004

'Detroit Deli' is not the group’s (who is now T3 and Elzhi) best work but at the same time it has a a few tracks crying for a spot on Slum’s greatest hits album.

POSTED 07|07|2004

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