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Boog Brown & Apollo Brown
Boog Brown & Apollo Brown Brown Study MelloMusicGroup • 2010

Not related to each other, but both from Detroit, rapster Boog and producer Apollo Brown team up for a study in brown. After Boog Brown moved to Atlanta, she kept in touch with the Motor City and contacted up-and-coming producer Apollo Brown. Really, she couldn’t have picked a better producer to spotlight her debut full lenght, following 'The Grind Season vol 1' mixtape.

POSTED 10|23|2010
Boom Bap Project
Boom Bap Project Reprogram Rhymesayers • 2005

'Reprogram' is a breathe of pure hip-hop and shows that in the streets of Seattle, there’s a movement goin on that is first and foremost concerned with bringing hip-hop back like it was made ten years ago.

POSTED 09|03|2005
Boss Hog Barbarians
Boss Hog Barbarians Every Hog Has Its Day Mt Kill-A-Ho/Hog Cabin Ent • 2006

J-Zone and Celph Titled were a team written in the stars, bound to work together on something longer than a single. Now it finally happened, 'Every Hog Has Its Day' is everything the fan had been waiting for. J-Zone is still innovatin himself, and Celph Titled’s punch-lines get crazier with every line he spits (also check 'Celph Destruction' for breath control), only hopin that this effort gets a follow-up someday because the chemistry is blazin. Hog Rap, we lovin it, hood rat!

POSTED 03|25|2006
Braille Box Of Rhymes Hiphop IS Music • 2006

2006 was quite the year for Lightheaded’s Braille. His brand new label Hiphop IS Music was definitely one of the tastemakers with releases such as Sivion’s 'Spring Of The Songbird' and Surreal & DJ Balance’s 'Future Classic', he moved into a new house ànd welcomed his first-born to the world.

POSTED 01|04|2007
Braille & S1
Braille & S1 Cloud Nineteen Hiphop IS Music • 2009

This has become a very qualitative, personal hip-hop testament of both artists, with a mature and modern vision on 'believing anno 2009', that might make agnostics change their mind.

POSTED 03|06|2009
Brand Nubian
Brand Nubian One For All Elektra • 1990

This album has it all. The funkiest beats with some of the illest breaks and incredible rhymes by Grand Puba.

POSTED 01|01|2005
Breakestra Dusk Till Dawn Strut • 2009

Break fiends, 70’s funk afficionados beware, because Breakestra is back after a five years’ break. With the first listening we had some problems with our time orientation, as the music totally pulls you back thirty years earlier.

POSTED 10|06|2009
Breeze The Young Son Of No One Atlantic • 1989

This album is a must but a pain-in-da-butt to find!

POSTED 12|02|2004
Broady Champs
Broady Champs Breakfast Of Champions Day By Day • 2006

Chamber music to bang your head to, raw and soulful with serious lyrics, it’s clear why MF Grimm gave these cats a chance to let the world hear their work. It lasted a few albums (I’m guessin The Longshots' 'Hunger (!) Music' album) since we heard this kind of raw underground vibes. With only a few minors, this record is a winner.

POSTED 04|08|2006
Brothers Like Outlaw
Brothers Like Outlaw The Oneness Of II Minds In Unison Gee Street • 1992

This is a very solid album and an absolute highlight in the history of UK hip-hop! Side note: K-Gee produced some tracks for British pop formation All Saints and is now currently workin on a solo album.

POSTED 12|29|2004
Brycon and Equal
Brycon and Equal World's Deadliest Assassin Topshelf • 2004

Brycon & DJ Equal bring you real live music with a passion for hip-hop and a hunger for recognition! Hip-hop the way it should be.

POSTED 12|27|2004
Buff1 Pure Aside • 2007

Recognizeably from the D, with 'Sounds of the City', but also mingled with a whole own sound, characterized by the beats of The Lab Techs, make this effort one of the freshest albums that came out the area lately, even intriguing us more than the newest Black Milk or Phat Kat albums (there we said it!).

POSTED 06|20|2007

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