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DJ Alibi
DJ Alibi One Day Tres Records • 2007

The title 'One Day' had me thinking of Jeru’s hit single back in 1996, where the Damaja and Premo saved hip-hop from Suge that night. Less violently and aggressive, sure, but this time a young Russian immigrant, fresh out of his teens, has done a coup de force that will (hopefully) have heads saying 'yo, the realness is here'.

POSTED 08|19|2007
DJ Iron
DJ Iron Volume 7 N/A • 2006

The tracks follow each other rapidly and are blended nicely into a dynamic whole, further uplifting your listening pleasure, ànd completed with high-quality turntable intermissions by Belgium's finest DJ Grazzhoppa, Mixmonster Menno and of course Iron himself.

POSTED 01|04|2007
DJ Iron
DJ Iron Classic Recipes Vol. 1 - • 2013

The DJ of Grazzhoppa's Big Band called in the help of like-minded friends/musicians with a crave for 90's hip-hop to jump in the kitchen and jar some everlasts through the mixer.

POSTED 05|31|2013
DJ Iron & Kid Calico
DJ Iron & Kid Calico Showdown Vol 1 N/A • 2005

May we introduce to the world, two of Belgium’s finest DJ’s/turntablists as they recently released their first collabo (re)mix project? Belgian West Coast (Iron representin ODK) and East Coast (Calico representin 'Breninge City') connect and lace up a mixture of a-capella’s from the greatest, roughest and funkiest MC’s to a selection of hard-hittin, raw productions and the most boombappest of beats.

POSTED 01|24|2006
DJ Muggs vs GZA/Genius
DJ Muggs vs GZA/Genius Grandmasters Angeles • 2005

Clearly there is a good reason why 'Grandmasters' pops out on a large amount of the internet 'best of 2005' lists… Protect your pawns and other pieces: this album is lethal!

POSTED 02|23|2006
DJ Resident
DJ Resident Fear And Loathing: Riding With... Neblina • 2005

‘This movie is like one big trip on drugs but harmless’, this is what Terry Gilliam said about his movie 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas', an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s (who died in 2004 ) literary works. This mixtape also takes you on a trip, but then a musical one, through the freshest underground hip-hop music.

POSTED 07|05|2005
DJ Sloppy White
DJ Sloppy White Get Some Lick My Gimmick • 2005

When DJ Sloppy White releases another mix tape, there’s a certain tension rising here at the office. Even more than Edan, 7L or Ivory mixtapes, you just know that it will a) contain rare gems that you’ve never heard of, or always looked over, b) be wrapped up in fantastic art work and c) give you a blast from the past with long-time-no-heard, impeccable grooves.

POSTED 01|19|2006
DJ Spinna
DJ Spinna Sonic Smash High Water • 2009

Obviously this album is packed with great production, but DJ Spinna offers the opportunity for guest rappers to shine over his beats. The stress is definitely laid on lyricism, as Torae explains in his ‘The lyrics is back’.

POSTED 10|07|2009
DL Incognito
DL Incognito Life's A Collection Of Experiences Urbnet • 2005

'I been doin this since Helly Hanssen was in fashion', the 90's are reviving on this album, and we’re grateful for that, no matter how trendy it is these days for underground MC's to claim that they are goin back into time! Now excuse us as we’re putting on our backpack, stick a lollypop in our mouth, rock our baggy jeans with matchin' polo shirt and bump this fine piece of music.

POSTED 12|22|2005
DL Incognito
DL Incognito Organic Music For A Digital World Urbnet • 2006

DL Incognito is a man of the world, he has different issues to talk about (also peep his manifest on social issues in 'Reality Bites') and doesn’t avoid expressing his deepest feelings. Is it the latter thing or the fact that he’s Canadian that keeps him from getting the props he deserves in the USA?

POSTED 11|18|2006
Dooley-O I Gotcha Lewis Recordings • 2005

Dooley-O is the embodiment of the old school spirit. Makin tons of fun, braggin around and scoopin the girls like a maniac are the main motivations behind his artistic drive. Dooley overwhelms us with humour, punch- and pick-up lines, creative sampling, some scratching and laces the roughest, funkiest drums since the late 80s (the outro is 1.30 min of straight-up drummin!).

POSTED 11|15|2005
Doujah Raze
Doujah Raze Doujah Raze Trilogy • 2005

'Doujah Raze' captures a warm, soulful but at the same time raw, gritty, NY-type of atmosphere. 'It’s soul that I seek when I’m searchin for sumthin, so please keep yo system bumpin', the white rapper claims on 'Ghosts Of Mars'. Not many albums contain all of the artist's earlier released singles (only 'The Dedication' with O.C. is not on it) so this is really a great overview on Doujah Raze's carreer, without soundin incohesive at all!

POSTED 10|26|2005

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