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Small Eyez
Small Eyez Vipassana The EP Mindmusik • 2006

Chances are slim you’ve ever heard of this young rapper/entrepreneur, but it’s one of those struggling artists fighting himself a way above the troubled water of rap’s infected pool of facsimiles. 'Vipassana' is not excellent, not mind-blowing but it's a decent effort and a proof of Small Eyez' persistence and lyrical tightness.

POSTED 04|19|2006
Snowgoons German Lugers Babygrande • 2007

With The Snowgoons finally signed to the leading Babygrande, it was only a matter of using the label's roster and extensive contacts to coat the project with such an impressive and elitist line-up.

POSTED 04|01|2007
Sol Infinite
Sol Infinite Within, Destination SR • 2011

Sol’s debut album is –oh contradiction- preferably to be played at night. Or at least at that particular moment when the sun dusks or dawns, when dreams and deeds overlap. When the horizon inspires.

POSTED 09|23|2011
Songodsuns aka 2Mex
Songodsuns aka 2Mex Over The Counter Culture Up Above • 2005

With his latest project, 2Mex aka Alexandro Ocano, brings together some of the Left Coast's finest producers such as DJ Khalil, Babu and Key Kool, beatsmith revelations Sa Ra Creative Partners and respected underground crafters such as Omid, Sach (LightHeaded) and Life Rexall (The Shapeshifters).

POSTED 05|30|2005
Sophistic It Is What It Is N/A • 2007

'It Is What It Is' is a sober view on life, critical and sharp, with a soulful undertone, an album that confirms our earlier suspicion that these musicians (now in particular Sophistic but his former crew members DVS One and Elokwent also appear on the album) would build up a rep in the LA underground and beyond or even above. Our suggestion: don’t have second thoughts about buying this album.

POSTED 03|05|2008
Soul Plasma
Soul Plasma The Soul Affect N/A • 2005

Formerly a part of the Acts29 project, Soul P is known for his devoted and Christian inspired lyrics. 'The Soul Affect' is his second solo effort after 'Simply Soul' and as both titles already suggest this is meant for your soul, but also for the mind.

POSTED 01|15|2006
SoulStice North By Northwest: Solid Ground Wandering Soul • 2005

Two years after it was first released, SoulStice’s debut album finds its way back to the shelves with this re-issue, extended with some unreleased songs. Ashley Llornes is one of those veterans who’ve been wandering through the Washington underground without gettin a universal shine.

POSTED 12|05|2005
Sound Providers
Sound Providers An Evening With... ABB • 2004

This album contains 6 instrumentals and 6 cuts with guest artists by the likes of Unspoken Heard’s Asheru, Oakland upcoming talents the Procussions, Wee Bee Foolish (Ken Boogaloo and Yesh), Little Brother, Maspyke and Soulo; a balanced mix between East and West Coast.

POSTED 03|22|2004
Starrs & Murph
Starrs & Murph Loose Change LooseChangeMuzik • 2005

'Loose Change' is perfectly balanced between two levels of music that rule today’s hip-hop scene. On top of that, it’s great writing and flawless production, stuffed with different moods goin from streetwise to soulful to party-like. This is definitely in our top-3 discoveries of the year!

POSTED 12|13|2005
Statik Selektah & Termanology
Statik Selektah & Termanology 1982 ShowOff • 2011

Statik Selektah and Termanology have a few things in common. They are both from Lawrence, Massachussets, they love authentic hip-hop ànd they were both born in 1982. Let those things be the fundamentals for this solid collaboration.

POSTED 05|08|2011
Stezo Crazy Noise Fresh • 1989

Spinning this record on your barbecue party is a guarantee for a packed dance floor; with tracks like 'Freak the Funk', 'To The Max' and 'Gets Into His Move' the shit goes down!

POSTED 10|23|2004
Stick Figures
Stick Figures Stick Figures Galapagos4 • 2005

'Stick Figures' will live up to the high expectations of the fans and critics because it's a great, original album that obides to the rules of pure hip-hop; dope sampling, excellent loops, nice scratches and sharp lyrics that keep the listener's attention throughout the whole album.

POSTED 09|26|2005

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