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Motion Man
Motion Man Pablito's Way Treshold Rec • 2006

Put up a chair on your porch, tear the speakers through the window, and start rating all them passing-by female asses from 1 to 10. While listening to this album, Motion Man will school you on that, and on a lot more...

POSTED 10|11|2006
Motion Man
Motion Man Adult Situations 442 Records • 2010

Ok, first check the cover of this album, then take a look at Motion Man's career, containing his various collabo's with Kool Keith. One would expect an updated version of Keith's legendary 'Sex Style' album, right?

POSTED 09|26|2010
Mr Brady & Sha Dula
Mr Brady & Sha Dula Lava Lamp EP N/A • 2011

Tired of the bad weather these last few days? Get back inside, make yourselves comfortable and turn on the Lava Lamp.

POSTED 07|17|2011
Mr Complex
Mr Complex Twisted Mister Core / Penalty • 2004

'Twisted Mister' is a decent, consistent album but whether it will receive its props is doubtful. Oh well, maybe underground music needs its uncrowned kings.

POSTED 08|18|2004
Mr Complex
Mr Complex Swiss Chocolate Cake Sub-Bombin Records • 2012

With ravissant raps, a vivid flow and his typical high-pitched voice, Plex jubilantly tiptoes through the funky soundscape of jazz and soul-infested beats.

POSTED 03|06|2012
Mr Lif
Mr Lif I Phantom Def Jux • 2002

This album is a piece of excellent music consisting of dark vibes, cynicism but also uplifting funk break hip-hop. Any negative elements are the length of the album and the fact that Vast Aire didn’t drop any rhymes. But hell, this album is one of the tightest of the 21st century and probably beyond.

POSTED 03|29|2004
Mr Ridley
Mr Ridley Long Hard Road To Nowhere Temple Productions • 2005

Anger, bitterness and frustration enhance strong emotions. Besides love, they are the best fertile for the field of creativity. This kind of expression has been best described with the term 'Weltschmerz' that became popular in the eighteenth century through the 'Sturm und Drang' movement in German literature.

POSTED 12|15|2005
Mr Skurge
Mr Skurge Skyline Domination • 2006

'Skyline' shows Mr Skurge as a gifted MC who follows not the ordinary path of braggin, boastin and partay hardy-ing, a path that has been followed by too many cats already, but he paves his own way through criticism, biographical sketches, and uncommon love anthems.

POSTED 01|31|2006
Mr. Brady
Mr. Brady Because I Felt Like It Brady • 2011

Because he felt like it. Not because Mr Brady needed to. Not because some record company urged him. Just because the San Diego producer/MC wanted to himself. Just like that, at his own pace, at his own wishes. Aaah…independent artistry!

POSTED 02|03|2011
Mumbles Hip Hop presents
Mumbles Hip Hop presents Strictly Underground Mumbles • 2005

Whether this compilation will last like let’s say 'Superrappin Vol 1' is not sure. But whether some of the less known cats will make a name for themselves within 5 years sure is. Give this one a listen and rip it to your iPod for your backpackin’ ventures.

POSTED 11|21|2005
Muneshine Walk In The Park Mumbles Hip Hop • 2007

rather call him a student at the top of his class, graduating in a year or two with some smashing albums that will outclass this already phenomenal instrumental debut. Muneshine is the next best thing.

POSTED 06|05|2007
Murs Love & Rockets vol. 1: The Transformation Bluroc/DD172 • 2011

Murs spits heartfelt stories filled with hardcore feelings, sheer funmaking and a bit of the ol swag, from a simple yet strikingly realistic point-of-view over multiple subjects.

POSTED 10|25|2011

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