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Storm The Unpredictable
Storm The Unpredictable A2: What Should've Been Domination • 2006

From Maryland DC, Storm The Unpredictable has been rockin the mic since many years, building a rep of an energetic lyricist, masterly skilled in the art of freestyling.Earlier singles such as 'MC’s Be Killin Me', 'Stop Lyin', 'Get Your Weight Up' and 'Y’All Know The Name' created a buzz for this biotechnologist graduate and led to a deal with one of today’s most tasteful labels, Domination Recordings.

POSTED 09|21|2006
Strange Fruit Project
Strange Fruit Project The Healing OM Records/Spilt Milk • 2006

'The Healing' is a great album. It’s not their peaking point, or at least we guess not, but it’s definitely a step forward in the career of Strange Fruit Project, following the footsteps of fellow soulquarian groups such as Little Brother, Slum Village or even The Roots.

POSTED 08|27|2006
Strange Fruit Project
Strange Fruit Project A Dreamer's Journey SR • 2011

A look at the titles of the Texas trio’s albums don’t leave too much up for your imagination. ‘From Divine’, ‘The Healing’ and now ‘A Dreamer’s Journey’ perfectly describe their almost spiritual music.

POSTED 11|05|2011
Strickly Roots
Strickly Roots Begs No Friends Friends Connection • 1993

Don’t be misled by the ragga choruses caus the rest of the album is rough rhymes over fat funky beats.

POSTED 11|16|2004
Strong Arm Steady
Strong Arm Steady In Search of Stoney Jackson Stones Throw • 2010

So how do the two MC’s of SAS match up with a producer of that reputation? Well, they make sure the focus stays on the production, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. Phil da Agony and Krondon are not bad when it comes to rhymes and flows, but they just aren’t able to hold the listener’s attention for the whole nine nor to keep the attention away from Madlib’s production.

POSTED 03|14|2010
Style In Tone We Trust Select • 1990

'Hip Hop Blues' has Tone talking about his first steps in the music biz: 'Makin tapes with my brother T La Rock'. The kid got his skillz from somewhere!

POSTED 12|13|2004
Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Background Music Feed The Peeps • 2012

'Once there was always something to get excited about, now it's like ‘look, there's another hip-hop album out. Woopty doo’, Eso Tre said about today's mindset. After hearing this album, you'll be more excited than 'Woopty doo.' though.

POSTED 01|23|2013
Sunspot Jonz
Sunspot Jonz Galaxy of Dreams Outhouse • 2011

Living on a dream and it just don't stop...Sunspot Jonz's creativity seems endless as he explores all kinds of musical milky ways. After releasing dozens of solo albums and guest featuring on an abundance of songs, we can call the level that he's still reaching unearhty.

POSTED 07|16|2011
Sunspot Jonz
Sunspot Jonz Galaxy Of Dreams pt 2 Outhouse Records • 2012

Workaholic, Living Legend and Mystik Journeyman Sunspot Jonz takes us deeper into the cosmos with a space walk through his galaxy for the second time around.

POSTED 06|04|2012
Supastition The Deadline Soulspazm • 2004

The melancholic jazz vibes are all over and Supastition seems like a man that lived nine lives, so much to say… triple dope!

POSTED 11|08|2004
Supastition Chain Letters Soulspazm • 2005

With 17 solid tracks running, this album is a balanced masterpiece of solid productions and top-notch lyrics that entertains, amazes and intrigues from beginning to end. What a year, what a year, and still people ask where real hip-hop is at? Stop hatin, it's right here!

POSTED 10|27|2005
Supastition The Blackboard EP - • 2013

Three years ago you left us dazzled, in despair, and doubtful. How could one of the most stubborn, pursuive and hungriest emcees step away from the game? After dealing with seven years of bad luck, reaching deadline after deadline, and having vented frustrations on 'Chain Letters' album, who would've figured?

POSTED 02|11|2013

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