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Time Machine
Time Machine TM Radio Glow-In-The-Dark • 2005

Just look at the cover (designed by Matt Mignelli), if you pick up the album you'd probably guess it’s a Lonnie Liston Smith album, and musically, the comparison with Smith isn’t that far-fetched; 'feel-good songs' that consist of jazz loops, groovy bass lines and a fifth of funk dominate the album.

POSTED 07|12|2005
Tom C3 Featuring Kool Keith
Tom C3 Featuring Kool Keith Project Polaroid Threshold • 2006

Overall, 'Project Polaroid' is a decent album. The beats are fresh, proving Tom C3 really deserves his place on Kutmasta’s Threshold label, and whether you can argue the rhymes should’ve be more up-tempo and straight up (like we do), Kool Keith most def puts his good trademark stamp and never fails to go you make 'what-did-he-just-say?'.

POSTED 03|09|2006
Tony D
Tony D Droppin Funky Verses 4th & Broadway • 1991

In 1991 the Tonester went solo and dropped not only funky verses but also funky beats. The cover is dope: the green-white-red colours of his motherland and a picture that shows Harvee Wallbanger with sunglasses (he’s Italian!), chillin at the riverside.

POSTED 04|06|2004
Torae Entitled Internal Affairs • 2016

'Entitled' entices with addictive boombap. And it tickles with great instrumental highlights. Such as the solid trumpet solo on 'Imperial Sound' and the raunchy guitar outro on 'Override'.

POSTED 01|20|2016
Trek Life
Trek Life Price I've Paid Timeless Music • 2006

Sounding hungry, persistent and at the same time relaxed with a cool that reminds of the Greats, Trek Life has been able to match his lyricism with a variety of soulful beats chocked with funk breaks, soul loops and thrifty bass-lines.

POSTED 09|03|2006
Trends Of Culture
Trends Of Culture Trendz Mad Sounds • 1993

Who is it? Who is it? Payin me a visit? Grapevine, Nastee and M.O.L. came on the scene as Trends of Culture and caught wreck on the uptown tip! Jazz artists like Roy Ayers, The Crusaders and Grover Washington Jr are sampled and give the beats a mellow touch.

POSTED 02|01|2005
Tunnel Movement
Tunnel Movement Overlooked Just Listen • 2014

The record is a showcase of raw, hungry rhymes. Rough voices that dance to rigid drums and melodic samples. Introspective, from the heart and with passion.

POSTED 10|20|2014
Typical Cats
Typical Cats Civil Service Galapagos4 • 2004

'Civil Service' is a fine album, a contribution to independent hip-hop, and fresh alternative to the non-creative, souless music that dominates the airwaves. As quoted from the promo facts sheet: 'We are fulfilling the broken promises of the Establishment. We are the the architects of our future', a promise that doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

POSTED 06|16|2005
Tzarizm Beatz To The Future Domination • 2005

'Beatz To The Future' enables you to have a good view on the craftsmanship of Tzarizm, who’s workin with Pumpkinhead and Skhool Yard veterans Planet Asia and Turbin in the near future. The beats are straight up, no-nonsense hip-hop, fresh outta the MPC and with lots of variety. Of all the Izms, Tzarizm is definitely the funkiest.

POSTED 12|12|2005

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