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Kaos Court's In Session Bad Boy • 1988

Once in a while you wish that the old school days could return. The music was straight forward, no bullshittin around, just plain, raw hip hop. One of these many examples is Kaos’ 'Court’s In Session' aka MC King Grand straight out of Brooklyn, the County of Kings. The album is produced by Todd Terry (who makes house music nowadays) and Tony D. Terry also produced 6 tracks on Sham and The Professor’s album.

'Don’t try to diss, cuz this is not dissable', is the line that says it all about this album. The record is divided in a Madd Site and a Kaotic Site, but in fact, the whole album is crazy madd. The title track is a fat old school bass drum smashing your audio system. 'You’ve Got The Time' has the infamous opening of the Star Wars anthem well chopped to the beat. The breaks are very well cutted by infamous old school dj’s Kenny 'The Dopeman' Dope and DJ Booh, soundin fresh as hell. Damn, I’m flippin to it, time after time. Like 'Kaos Era' for instance, a track with zoomin radio noises in the background. 'This is a masterpiece that would make Picasso cry' MC King Grand raps. No need to explain that the rhymes are funky fresh as well. The tracks go from party music ('Let the People Dance') to hardcore cuts over the smooth love song 'Let’s Do It Again'.

Every track is boomin and shows us that the 80’s was a time of creative spirits, albums that were too damn short (this one’s only 30 minutes) and people who didn’t get the recognition they deserved. Classic!

POSTED ON 11|10|2004 by cpf

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