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Stezo Crazy Noise Fresh • 1989

Can one get funkier? Probably not. This album is crackalackin, stuffed with the dopest breaks and full of craziness on the mic. Stezo, who used to dance with EPMD, hooked up with his DJ/producer Chris Lowe from Connecticut. They jumped in the basement and delivered some raw, uncut funk with breaks from Kool & The Gang, ESG, of course James Brown, JB’s and Sly & The Family Stone. But legendary in the history of cratediggin is the use of the Skull Snaps drum break in the track 'It’s My Turn'. For the first time this break was used; Pete Rock, Diamond D, Large Professor, Showbiz, Erick Sermon and many others would follow Chris Lowe’s ex(s)ample.

Besides dancing, Stezo the Fly Negro is a pretty fly rapper too, with a whole lot of braggin throughout the album, squashin the competition and impressing the young ladies (except on 'Girl Trouble'!). Some of the writing on this album is done by another Connecticut resident, his cousin Dooley-O, so not all credit is due to the Steez (Dooley’s name is pinned to Stezo’s trousers on the cover picture of the LP, ha). Anyway, spinning this record on your barbecue party is a guarantee for a packed dance floor; with tracks like 'Freak the Funk', 'To The Max' and 'Gets Into His Move' the shit goes down!

Props to Stones Throw Records for bringing out the old Connecticut hip-hop. Dooley-O, The Third Unheard LP and the EPMD diss single from Stezo, 'Piece of the Pie'. Steez made a comeback on Chris Lowe’s 'Black Life LP' from 2001 on the song 'Do It Again'. Plus there's also a Stezo track on the Stones Throw compil that was issued with the 101 DVD.

POSTED ON 10|23|2004 by cpf

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