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Maestro Fresh Wes Symphony In Effect Lefrak Moelis LMR • 1989

No, this is not a classical music album, it’s a CLASSIC music album! Maestro Fresh Wes isn’t a double bass player like the cover suggests, he’s one hell of an MC. From where??? straight outta Canada. Naaah, this kid…? Yep, he’s from Canada! Together with his symphony DJ LTD and Farley Flex, Wesley Williams kicks it hardcore. For example on 'The Mic’s My Piece', a rugged up-tempo beat with the famous Babe Ruth break ('Spanish Fly') and Rakim’s voice sampled in the chorus. As a matter of fact, there’s a big resemblance between Wes and The God. Maestro rips the mic!

LTD rips the turntables on the DJ track 'LTD’s On The Wheel of Fortune', a funny ass skit with LTD scratching and Farley Flex singing. The party banger 'Let your backbone slide' is one hell of a multi-break track ('Funky Drummer', 'Tramp', a.o.) and Maestro squashing all competition 'I make ya vision go blurry while ya brain goes blank, into oblivion'. Party vibes continue on 'Just Swingin' and 'The Maestro', nice samples and straight rappin, Maestro Wes is in top condition.

Just like his DJ LTD who drops some dope electro/old school breaks on the closing track of the album, 'Fortissimo'. Well, the title of the last song says it all.

POSTED ON 09|21|2004 by cpf

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