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Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud Girls I Got Em Locked Elektra • 1988

If this album ain’t funky, what is? This Queens duo debuted in 1988 with smooth, love moves that degraded CPF to the second place on the top ten list of all-time womanizers. Even nowadays when you listen to the beats, the production of this album sounds so clean, so perfect and tight. Not surprising caus most of the album’s music is created by the extra-ordinary beat smith Paul C. He kicks up-tempo funk beats and experiments with the notches as he ads crazy instruments and noises.

And the lyrics? Well, they’ll have you laughin. They range from the duo’s ladies adventures and tips on how to treat a girl to braggin writes. At first sight they look hilarious but the two got skills. Their flow is persistent and they never bore. Throughout the album they never sound too corny, although it’s a love album. This is straight hip-hop, no gimmicks. Respect goes out to the godfather of soul James Brown on 'Do the James', which has the drums from the Honeydrippers’ multi-sampled song 'Impeach the President'. Production wise this album is flawless plus the rhymes are fresh, exciting, funny and deal about the sweet honey pies.

5 years later they would return with the also great 'Blow Up the Spot EP' with the party crasher single 'Life of the Party'. Since then they disappeared from the scene. One wonders what they do these days? Owners of a titty bar? Gigolos? No matter what, these guys deserve a place in the hip-hop hall of fame.

POSTED ON 08|19|2004 by cpf

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