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Quasimoto The Unseen Stones Throw • 2001

From the first till the last second this album is an absolute classic! Lord Quas has the microphone mathematics, he’s 'the new breed fuckin up the mainstream', he’s ready 'to put ya head up in the guillotine' and if that ain’t enough he chases the white girls at night, as a matter of fact he’s 'always lookin under some girl’s dress'. Every line this nigga drops is dope, funny, braggadocious, party shit, smack talk, raw to the core, manifestin from the West. Keepin you hooked like an addiction. Lyrically, you can’t front on him.

And the production? Heavenly. Before the release of this album Madlib proved to be a genius with the Lootpack debut, but what he does on this album is phenomenal. Obscure jazz loops, fat ass dusty soul breaks, dub basses altered with hilarious skits. Madlib is loop digga number one and finds himself in the footsteps of Diamond D, Pete Rock and DJ Premier, you can hear the man’s love for cratediggin drippin of this record. Alain Goraguer, Melvin van Peebles, Leroy Hutson, Weldon Irvine and Mandrill are just a few of the illustrious artists that are sampled.

Such production is unseen in the 2000s as Madlib reaches back to the end 80s-begin 90s way of producing but still keeps it fresh, creative and contemporary. Add the helium-voiced skills by your host Quasimoto and you have a classic that’ll stand the test of time and reaches way and beyond the galaxies.

POSTED ON 08|02|2004 by cpf

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