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Hard Knocks School Of Hard Knocks Wild Pitch • 1992

Hard Knocks is a Brooklyn duo called Hardhead and Stoneface and were therefore known as 3 The Hard Way. I played this album, issued on Wild Pitch (!), over and over again. The beats are smooth, funky breaks, soulful loops and the lyrics are about black consciousness and telling stories. Hardhead’s easy way of rhyming with a raw voice and analyzing social and political problems is impressive.

Producer/DJ Hardhead throws in the illest samples and scratches. The album opens with the impressive 'A Dirty Cop Named Harry', a song about corruption in the police force. Every track is high quality: from the lead single 'Nigga for Hire', to 'Thoughts of A Negro' over 'Young Black Male' with a magnificent flute! 'Runaway Child' features some soulful singing and nice horns. 'School of Hard Knocks' is funk and jazz converted in such a creative hip-hop form. Loopin might be not that difficult but you gotta dig them out!

This album can easily stand the competition of other Wild Pitch releases such as Gang Starr’s 'No More Mr Nice Guy', OC’s 'Word…Life' and Main Source’s 'Breaking Atoms'. You won't find this for less than 50 bucks!

POSTED ON 07|27|2004 by cpf

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