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Intelligent Hoodlum Intelligent Hoodlum A&M • 1990

I remember seein a poster of Intelligent Hoodlum in an episode of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', hopin one day to have a copy of my own. Well, I don’t have the poster but I definitely bought the album. Intelligent Hoodlum, who is now known as Tragedy Khadafi, is backed up by the production skills of the legendary Marley Marl. Large Pro co-produced 2 tracks.

The record opens with a smooth cut where Intelligent introduces himself as a military poet (Trag was a prisoner at Riker’s Island in 1988) with a party attitude. This reflects pretty well the content of the album: it’s a mixture of aggressive, conscious lyricism ('No Justice, No Peace', 'Black and Proud', 'Keep Striving') and hardcore party songs ('Party Animal', 'Game Type', 'Party Pack'). The production is, needless to say, dope. Marley Marl laces ruff, funky, up-tempo beats with horns and siren samples. 1990 to the fullest. A good example is 'Black and Proud', a hardcore song with Trag rhyming real quick over a thumping, fast beat, which emphasizes real good the militant attitude of the mc. The same goes for 'Arrest the President'. Mad funky is the track 'Game Type', a funky bass line and a real smooth saxophone sample with the Hoodlum as a story-teller.

This album is a nice combination of conscious and party lyricism over typical Marley beats with a rough edge.

POSTED ON 05|01|2004 by cpf

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