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Jazzy Jay Cold Chillin In The Studio Live! UNI • 1989

In 1989 some of the most promising young producers and MC’s gathered in the Jazzy Jay studios to make one of the dopest compilations rap has ever witnessed. Jazzy Jay has been DJ-ing since like the beginning of rap, featured in the hip-hop movie Beat Street, produced T La Rock’s infamous 'It’s Yourz' single, LL Cool J’s 'I Need A Beat' and stood at the verge of Def Jam. But back to this record now: song after song is top notch production and rhymes.

The album had one of the first cuts of Diamond D 'I’m the King', on which Lord Finesse appeared for the first time on vinyl, not rhyming though but speaking in the intro. Another production legend is Tony D, whose 'Back to the Lab' is a highlight on the first side of the album, it has an ill drumbreak and a fresh Rakim sample, soundin real smooth and rugged at the same time. The opening track 'I’m not playing' is blazin with an electric guitar sample and Ultimate Force (Diamond D’s first group) rhyming real dope. The following track is kinda surprising: it has the Nu-Sounds singing over a spaced-out, funky beat, foolin around, actin all stupid. It doesn’t really fit into the whole of the album but it’s hilarious: 'diggi-diggi-diggi-diggi-Batmaaaaaan'. A killer track is 'So Def Am I', with D-Ice (an Andre the Giant look-a-like, check the backside cover!) rhyming aggressive over a beat with funky hard snare drum and an ill guitar sample. 'Do What You Gotta Do' is a sort of interlude with the original break of Eddie Drennon (used many times again later) cut live to the beat. Another famous sample, 'Nautilus', is used in 'Keep Hushin', laced by Jazzy Jay and female MC Ice Cream Tee rhyming over it. Also on the album is 'Condition Red' by Nu-Sounds, a track that appeared on Nu-Sounds’ “Mackin” in the same year.

The other songs are dope like tuns of coke, mad funky drum rolls, bass lines and samples, and of course nice rhyming. Of all the featuring artists only Diamond, Lord Finesse and Tony D went on to make name for themselves, the others somehow disappeared and that’s a shame because there’s a lot of talent on this LP. The album is a celebration of rap music in 1989 !

POSTED ON 04|26|2004 by cpf

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