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Madvillain Madvillainy Stones Throw • 2004

It’s only March and the best album of the year is already out! Probably the best producer and the best MC of the moment are bundling forces on this project, following the also great Jaylib project between Madlib and Jay Dee. MF Doom is different from Jay Dee, who brought a party and gangsta vibe to the Jaylib album, while MF is much more the likes of Madlib. They both are interested in jazz music, they both flip outer spacious material and their love for Heinies and trees is limitless. This time, Metalface has found an excellent partner in his quest of conquering the world.

The album takes you away on a journey thru unconquered paradises 'to a land of milk and honey with the swirls where reckless naked girls get necklaces and pearls' Doom’s lyricism has never been tighter than on this album, the rhyme schemes, sound effects 'u is a stick of juicy fruit, she just knew she was cute', the wordplays 'got a light? Nah, a Bud Light' and metaphors have never been sharper and at the same time so stylistic. The album is a collage of high-quality sound pieces (most of the 22 titles are less than 3 min) altered with jazz intermissions and typical Doom skits sampled from old SF-movies (remember “Operation Doomsday”). Madlib’s beats have dusty, grimy as well as soulful loops who confirm Madlib’s status as Loop Digga. We hear elements of Sun Ra, Anita Baker, Daedalus and Yesterday’s New Quintet. The first track 'Accordeon' has a moaning accordion sample that underlines the surrealistic, mysterious atmosphere of the song. Doom rhymes at a pace that his rhymes become almost hypnotic and paralyses the competition. The beat becomes threatening and obscure in 'Meat Grinder'. Jazzy and very soulful is 'Bistro', the unofficial opening of the album.

'Money Folder' is dusty and has this tremendous flute sample takin you out of reality straight to New Jerusalem. The same type of flute loop appears in 'Shadows of Tomorrow' a philosophical type of track, where the subject of time is analysed. The apocalyptic theme returns in the beat of 'Operation Lifesaver', over which Doom laces some love rhymes. A bomb track, that will be many’s favourite is 'Figaro'. The intro of the song is a crazy fast jazz standard, and then…bang! A fat drum bass and snare with a swirling loop sets in, Metalface spits the coolest lines 'As he get older, he get colder than a witch tit' that could come straight out of a Tarantino movie or a Marvel comic book. The fourth disc tends to be the soul section of the album: Stacy Epps goes solo over a melancholic, deformed sample beat on 'Eye': this is soul food for the mind. The organ and piano lick on 'Great Day' confirms the following line: 'Got more soul than a sock with a hole', as Doom ends in the last track 'Rhine Stone Cowboy'.

Soul, yes indeed, with a big twist of jazz and musical geniality: 'Play it in ya stereo, ya crew’ll go apeshit'!

POSTED ON 03|21|2004 by cpf

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