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King Tee Act A Fool Capitol • 1988

One of the West Coast pioneers who put Compton on the map is King Tee. In 1988 he dropped his debut album 'Act A Fool'. King Tee was and still is one of the strongest lyricists on the field, flowin like hell and droppin the funkiest grammar. Throughout the album he’s on point. Alongside King Tee stands the infamous producer/DJ Pooh who produced all the tracks and blessed the album with the funkiest breaks and the dopest cuts.

The drums are mad hard, trashing my boom boxes time after time. DJ Pooh even joins King Tee rhyming. What makes this album a real dj-mc collaboration by the likes of Eric B and Rakim or Polo and Kool G Rap. Highlights on the album are 'The Coolest', where King Tee proves to be the pioneer of West Coast rap, flowin real tight, 'Flirt' with a crazy sample proving that DJ Pooh has mad flava and is far too underestimated as a producer. Another banger is the single 'Bass (Remix)', with a banging horn on the hook. This definitely one of my favourite party anthems. 'It’s serious bass drum kickin like a ninja, you wanna dance to death when it’s in ya' The album has only one guest mc: King Tee’s LA Posse colleague MC Breeze, kickin it on 'Just Clowning', provin that Compton was the capital of West Coast rap music.

This album is 100% non-bullshit, genuine rap music about havin fun, chasin girls and having a drink or two. And oh yeah, if you want to make fun of your mother-in-law just check out the skit! Wesssside!!

POSTED ON 03|05|2004 by cpf

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