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Ras Kass Soul On Ice Priority • 1996

In the background of the West Coast vs East Coast issue, Ras Kass came out with this jewel. It formed a nice antidote to the excessiveness of the gangsta rap hype at that moment. A strong mix of conscious, smart lyrics with a sharp sense of humour and psychedelic, sunset beats is the recipe of the LP. Ras Kass’ lyricism is unbeatable, droppin crazy punch lines and ill rhyme schemes, his lyrics alone make this one a classic.

In 'Nature of the Threat', a track produced by crew mate Vooodu, he becomes teacher and describes the evolution of modern civilization (aka white domination). Knowledge reigns supreme as Ras Kass quotes statistics, theories and proven facts. More fierce criticism in 'The Evil that Men Do' where he approaches subjects as religious doctrine, racism, alcohol and sexual abuse with biographical scenes. 'I covered myself with baby powder so my black ass could be light, cuz God is white'. Less serious are 'Etc', 'Drama' and 'If Then', funky mellow tracks with a funny relativistic vibe. In the chorus of 'If Then', girls are shouting 'the niggas ain’t shit but hoes with dicks'. In 'Drama', a duet with Coolio, the opposite sex is analysed: 'bitches are like flies, they get tracked to the best shit'. One of the dopest tracks is 'Miami Life', an up-tempo beat with sirens in the background and Ras droppin crazy one-liners 'I’m on a roll like toilet tissue'. More punch lines on the magnificent title track 'Soul On Ice': 'you need to start rappin and stop robbin banks like Steady B' and 'I want a woman with the body of a whore and the personality of Lauren'.

The beats are smooth and loungy, sometimes dark but what makes this album a classic is Ras Kass’ incredible lyrics, proving he’s a true waterproof mc, wiping the competition off the table…'Motherfuckers better duck like Daffy'.

POSTED ON 03|01|2004 by cpf

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