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Count Bass D BegBorrowSteel CountBassD.com • 2003

One of today’s most genius producers is Count Bass D. With his unique style of blending hip-hop with jazz, he gained the attention of many music lovers. Count Bass released his debut in 1995 (although it was really 1996 for Count Bass D) called 'Pre-Life Crisis' with smooth jazz beats, loungy lyrics and some singing in the chorus he made a very interesting album. Also his follow-up 'Dwight Spitz' (in between you had the EP 'Art For Sale') was a musical orgy, with beats that sounded mad fresh. 'Begborrowsteel' is an EP with 13 short tracks where Count Bass explores the cross lines between hip-hop and jazz.

It’s a high-quality, very musical collage with a lot of instrumentals, some rhymes like we used to. Smooth, relaxed but at the same time strong and sharp 'Sugar is deadly too, ask a diabetic', some singing (for instance on 'Down Easy') and regular talking by Count Bass D himself or samples. The samples give the album a sort of cult vibe, with cool conversations goin about everything and nothing, similar to MF Doom. The beats are fantastic throughout the whole album. Fresh and, of course, very jazzy. The first track, in fact the intro, 'Doxology' has a crazy piano sample over a fat bass and a clean snare. 'The Mingus Sextet' (only 1 minute) is a soft-erotic song about sex and jazz! It has squeaking girl’s noises in the back and a fat Mungus sample over it.

'Drug Abusage' has Count Bass D rhyming with conscience, describing exuberant life styles over a piano loop that’s marvellous changing into the string session 'Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa pt 1' which has a spacey deformed voice in it. Real cool. Same as for the second part of 'Kumbuka Watu Penda Pesa', with an even more ill xylophone loop. 'Des Fausses Impressions' is the same beat of 'Kumbuka' with a different, real smooth bass line and a sample of French people chattin. 'Dollar Bill' has the same sample as Wildchild’s 'Kiana' but slower and soundin more hypnotic. 'New Edition Karaokes' is an instrumental piece with a fat, repetitive sample that has children singing.

Count Bass managed to make an arty, jazzhop album using the MPC in a very creative way. The whole EP is a short, but delicious piece of contemporary hiphop music, leaving us eagerly awaiting for the next Count Bass D full LP. Class. Watch out for official Japanese and European releases of this EP in the near future!

POSTED ON 04|15|2004 by cpf

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