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III Most Wanted Most Wanted Fever • 1989

This NY trio with Puerto Rican roots never got props but they sure made some dope funky hip-hop. Mr Action, D.V.S. and Sharif kick it hardcore as they drop funky drums, smooth soul samples and heavy rapping. Very nice are the different kind of samples and voices that producer Charlie Chase flips.

Dope as hell is the opening track 'Nitty Gritty' (2 years before KMD), the introduction song 'Time to Move', the hardcore 'Lights Out' and 'Keep Your Distance' with a pumping bass line and Rakim sample. Two tracks on the album are of less quality; the corny 'My Love Is True' and the hip-house single 'Now that we find House' ('Hurt me, hurt me!' haha). But needless to say, these were symptoms of that era: very normal in 1989 and at least it’s hilarious. 'Most Wanted' is an instrumental track with some electro breaks, not really my favourite track, but it’s crazy b-boy material. Also instrumental is 'Winner Takes All' with a superb piano lick and some scratching.

This LP is hard to find quality material, it has loads of variation and the 46 minutes pass by in no time. Rewind Selecta!

POSTED ON 10|05|2004 by cpf

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