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Ali Dee Bring It On EMI • 1993

This Queens rapper isn't much known and that's a pity. He's been busy since a mad long time, he's white ànd he got skills. Very good reasons to become a name in hip-hop. Especially the last two reasons should be sufficient because, after the Vanilla Ice debacle, serious hip-hop labels would think twice before signing a palefaced hip-hop artist. And so you had to have skills (cf 3rd Bass). No doubt that Ali Dee is a talent but heads didn't respond to it. Before releasing this LP in 1993, he did some heavy production 'under the wings' of Bomb Squad member Hank Shocklee and he formed the group The Next School with Zone-TDK.

After the recognition stayed out, he tried it again with 'Bring It On', a self-produced solo album. The production is slamming drums, groovy bass lines and crazy horns. The title track is a great funky down-tempo cut with a Melvin Bliss sample and featuring Kool G Rap. The former partner of DJ Polo rhymes fantastic, of course, but Ali kicks some nice lines too: 'You suck so much you need a nipple, I squeeze a trigger, squeeze a Charmin and I cripple Mr. Whipple'.

Another highlight track is 'Who Got The Flavor?', a 12' of the album and a dope ass energetic boombap track with a hypnotic sample that was also used on Souls of Mischief’s 'Limitations' (of the legendary '93 til unfinity' album). Also great is the sex song 'Tap Skinz' with a plain drumbeat underneath it and some mad horns; headbumpin material. Between the lines: the scratches on the album are done by DJ Clark Kent and Daddy Rich (of 3rd Bass). One of my favourite tracks is the smooth, on-the-down low track 'Take It Back' with some horny ladies singing the chorus and a real groovy bass line.

Ali Dee ends the album on the rough tip with the steamin 'Stompin Committee' with Das Efx-like rhymes over buckwild (the adjective, not the producer!) drums. This LP deserves credit caus Ali Dee did it all by himself and deserves a spot right beside 'colleagues' 3rd Bass (this is the 3rd time I mentioned them) and the Beastie Boys.

POSTED ON 10|01|2004 by cpf

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