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Asheru & Blue Black 48 Months 7Heads • 2003

Two years after their debut album 'Asheru and Blue Black present…Soon Come', Unspoken Heard drops this anthology. '48 Months' is a collection of songs recorded between 1996 and 2000. In this period Unspoken Heard made some of the finest underground 12' in hip-hop music, although, the group didn’t get the recognition they deserved. This album brings their material back under the spotlight and could mean a turning-point. It contains tight songs with jazzy loops, funky bass lines and lyrical skilness.

On 'Trackrunners' Asheru and Blue Black are accompanied by lyrical heavyweights J-Live and Grap Luva. 'Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful, hate me because my lyrics sound smarter than yours', J-Live sets straight. In the intermezzo 'How you Livin' both emcees return (joined by female mc Sondia), bringing back old school flavour while freestylin over hand claps and beat-boxin. Also in 'Jamboree', with a feel-good trumpet beat and some funny ass street rhymes, the old days revive. Other highlights are 'Smiley', this song appeared on many mix tapes, 'It’s About That Time', which reminds me of the Jay Dee sounds in his Tribe days, 'Nigga Like Me', with a sparkling flute loop and of course 'The Music', another underground album from the late 90’s. A fine piece of music is the spoken word song 'Dream Birth' and damn…that beat, with a funky organ sample, puts the cherry on top.

Yet again the 7Heads label has released a fine album and it’s becoming a quality standard in underground hip-hop. Peep it and watch out for more 7Heads products.

POSTED ON 04|03|2004 by cpf

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