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BKA Clever Profile • 1991

Yeah! BKA in full effect…wherever do you hear something about these guys? The cover is mad hard and what about the backside? Haha, they really actin up, the Asiatic MC/producer Reggie B is killin it with his yellow-black hat. One wonders what happened to these two…anyone who knows more mail us at platform8470@hotmail.com!

What about the record? It’s straight synthesizers and old school rappin; is this really from 1991? The album holds the middle between, allow me to use these terms, hip house and pop rap. Just like the cover the music is funny and about havin a good time: 'On the Beach' is crackalackin humour: seagulls are screaming in the background while Reggie B is choking in the sand 'God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt'…imagine that. There’s even a song called 'We Got the Talent' on there…clearly a case of self-overrating unless Reggie B is really DJ Babu ? Sometimes BKA even gets conscious, like on 'Kick the Piece' but the question remains if anyone will take them serious.

Oh well, as long as they had fun. This album is absolutely not something you must buy, only a third of the album is real good, but somehow I feel they deserve some attention on cyber space.

POSTED ON 06|10|2004 by cpf

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