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Blackmale Let It Swing Ruffhouse • 1989

Chances are slim that you’ll find this one in someone’s top ten list and that’s a shame because it’s one of the hottest releases of 1989, a divine year in hip-hop! Ok, lookin at the cover, these guys look kinda fanook, as they dare to say in New Jersey (their hometown), but nuthin of that; this album’s dopalicious.

For this project, the two bundled forces with producer EZ Tee, DJ Reggie Reg and the supreme sound engineer Joe the Butcher. The title track has the same drums as the infamous Stop the Violence Movement’s 'Self Destruction' song and AD drops smooth lyrics with a persistent flow. 'Do the Nasty' starts off with a skit from the hilarious 'Hollywood Shuffle' movie (the Sam Ace bit; hilarious!) and turns into the dance anthem of this album. Talkin about movies: Eddie Murphy’s voice is sampled in 'You Sorry Bitch', a track with a dope break beat and groovy bass line, dedicated to the girls who play tricks on us. 'Smooth Jam' couldn’t have been a better title for the next song; it’s funky dope with excellent saxes and, again, AD rhyming real nice. Besides smoothness there’s also rugged funk: 'Center Stage on the Mic' is up-tempo with braggadocios lyrics (the song recently appeared on Sloppy White’s mixtape 'The Way it Was') just like 'Pump the House' and 'Let’s Go'.

The production on this album is simply amazing and deserves more than the status it has reached now, however it seems like the album is finding its way into the top ten lists of most underrated albums: damn right!

POSTED ON 12|01|2004 by cpf

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