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Blood Of Abraham Future Profits Ruthless • 1993

In 1992, the duo-with-Jewish-blood (from there the title of the album) Benyad and Mazik were signed by Eazy-E to his legendary Ruthless Records. This LP might not be Ruthless’ most famous release because the album got poor promotion while Eazy-E began to feel ill at that time and his label was on its way down financially. But, make no mistake, it’s one fine album.

The record is less gangsta rap than you’d expect, the main issues that are dealt with through the songs are racism and religion. The two rappers claim a better understanding between Jews and Blacks, cultural identity and ridicule the Ku-Klux Klan on 'Niggaz N Jewz', a dope funk track featuring Eazy-E himself and the first recording of Will I.Am (yes, the one of Black Eyed Peas) on wax. Production wise, this album doesn’t sound like an average G-funk album but more like underground West Coast acts such as Souls of Mischief, Mad Kap or Capital Tax; the whole album is dope funky drums with lots of horns. An excellent example is the song 'Stabbed by Stepple' with its fantastic Ramsey Lewis sample or 'Another Nail in the Coffin', a very explicit song with a mellow, groovy bass line and also check out the 'Outro' with an extract of one of Robert de Niro’s fantastic monologues in 'Taxi Driver'.

'Future Profits' shows that Ruthless Records is not your average gangsta rap label but that Eazy-E had not only an ear for gangsta rap but also for conscious music with a strong opinion.

POSTED ON 12|12|2004 by cpf

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