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Bush Babees Gravity Warner • 1996

The second album of the Babees and it’s damn funky, melodic, soulful and a big bag of chips with the dip. There’s production by Shawn J Period, The Ummah and Pos (De La) on it. Heads who know the time will now stop reading and run to the store and, honestly, I don’t blame ya.

For those who continue: the album’s tight all the way, Mos Def is (just like on 'Ambushed') once again representin on a few tracks, Rahzel does some beatboxin on 'The Beat Down' and Q-Tip does a lovely feature on '3 MCS'. The production by Mr Man, one of the Bush Babees, stands the competition and could come straight of a De La, The Roots or ATCQ album. By the way, Posdneous’ cut 'The Love Song' is grooving soulful funk with a dope snare and a cool sample from Kool & The Gang’s 'Summer Madness'.

Minor points are the reggae cuts: 'In Meh Dreams' is quite annoying and 'Rock Roots' is straight dub, my Jamaican boo likes it a lot but meh not dig. The first 8 or 9 songs are simply fantastic and make this album so strong.

POSTED ON 11|13|2004 by cpf

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