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The Cenobites The LP Fondle Em • 1996

After making fame with the Ultramagnetic MC’s Kool Keith returns with the project 'The Cenobites', first released as the CenUbites. Together with Godfather Don Keith managed to make one of the funkiest, dirtiest albums underground hip hop has ever witnessed.

The album opens with the slammer 'Lex Lugor', a funky but yet threatening up-tempo beat combined with the extra-ordinary lyrical skills of both Kool Keith and the Godfather. On 'I was Forgotten' the latter goes solo, rhyming over a slow, dope, Erick sermon-type beat. Special guest on 'Kick A Dope Verse', probably the best known track, is Bobitto, owner of the label, kickin rhymes in a Kurious Jorge-funny-ass way. The beat is once again dope with ill horns on it. Also on 'Keep On', a laid-back jazzy track, Bobbito joins the two head characters talking about ice creams, masturbation and sweet potato pie. The album continues on the crazy tip with the hilarious 'Mommy'. Mad lyrical is 'You’re Late', a beat with an often used organ sample and Percee-P showin off his lyrical tightness. Craziness on 'Rhymes I Sniff aka Carlos Died', a spacey hardcore beat with aggressive lyrics. In the same way is 'How the Fuck You Get A Record Deal', one of the most aggressive tracks against wack MC’s ever made in hip-hop.

This album is a forebode of the future Kool Keith albums: funn(k)y, spacious, mc-bashin and tight lyricism. The album also meant the return of Godfather Don who dropped the banging album 'Hazardous' in 1991.

POSTED ON 03|30|2004 by cpf

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