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Cooly Live Livewire RCA BMG • 1992

The front cover looks funny but the backside is hilarious, Cooly poses in a see-through jacket like MC Hammer used to wear and acts up bodybuilder style. Not really a good marketing of your album but let’s not forget it’s 1992! There was only one name in the credits that rung a bell: Marley Marl. He produced the last song 'The 1-4 me' a mellow, up-tempo track with some singing; nice, but certainly not the best song on the album.

The first tracks are fantastic; funky drums and nice samples but especially the live background singing gives the tracks a special, very musical touch. 'All Posibilities' and 'Shake Her' (wow!!) are phenomenal songs with a high level of creativity. The funk odyssey continues with the energetic 'That’s What I Like': 'don’t know much about pasta, but what I do know, while the drummer keeps drummin, what I need in my life is a black woman'. Cooly raps straight on, no bullshit, no gimmicks, and leaves the competition numb. The wheels of steel are on fire… and even tend to explode with the hot love track 'Together we make this journey'. Ok, the sample sounds better on Big Daddy Kane’s 'Prince of Darkness', but 'Livewire' isn’t a Kane album.

Cooly is a rapper with lots of talent who made a damn fine album but he never made it to a second one, unfortunately! The vinyl copy goes with a black sleeve, the pic shown here is the CD cover.

POSTED ON 10|16|2004 by cpf

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