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Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde The Champagne Of Rap Profile • 1985

Haha! Great album by these two old school heroes, who were a part of the mystic Pumpkin and the Profile All Stars crew and who were also known as the Harlem World Crew.
The record hits off with 'Yellow Panties', a great mellow electro track with hilarious lyrics. Rapwise, they sound a lot like Run DMC, but at that time that’s not really a surprise caus the Hollis Queens trio were an influence for a lot of artists.

Another dope track is 'He’s The Band' with a real nice electro break, a nice chorus, nice scratches and the duo alternating each other in a real old school way! 'Freshest Rhymes In the World' is a track with both rappers kickin some stories, for instance, they tell their own 'Star Wars' and 'Godzilla' with them in a lead role. Not all tracks are of a high quality but, in the end, the album as a whole is really dope!

The duo also released a number of singles who were not on the album (like the 'Jeckyll and Hyde dance' 12' for instance), issued on Rojac Records and Profile. Andre Harrell aka Dr Jeckyll continued to do some production work, founded the Uptown label and became president of Motown Records!

POSTED ON 01|08|2005 by cpf

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