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Erick Sermon Double Or Nothing Def Jam • 1995

Nowadays Sermon’s style is not always on-point. The beats are overproduced and letting Marvin Gaye and Al Green sing the chorus is already played out. Back in the days you could always depend on the Def Squad producer, check out the EPMD, Redman and Keith Murray albums and you’ll find his style was crazy funk.

One of his funkiest solo albums is 'Double Or Nothing'. Somehow no one really paid attention to his debut albums, 'No Pressure' and 'Double Or Nothing', but they definitely are Sermon’s best. The beats on this album are mellow, mad funky bass lines with psychedelic samples. The fattest songs are 'Set it Off': crazy bass lines, fat snares, a nice Rakim sample and laid-back rhymes by the Green Eyed Bandit.

The neck-snappin 'Boy Meets World' with a mellow Crusaders sample and 'Man Above', that has a soul voice singing the hook. More hooks, that are sometimes over the top, on the singles 'Do Your Thing' and 'Welcome'. Superb is 'Move On' with Redman, who rhymes incredibly. Just like on the last song 'Open Fire' where Reggie Nobles spits fire with Keith Murray. Another Def Squad member featured on the album is Passion.

The album’s a proof of how def Sermon’s squad really is, perfect to smoke trees to or to bump in ya car, it’ll have your head banging.

POSTED ON 05|10|2004 by cpf

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