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Heavy D & The Boyz Living Large Uptown / MCA • 1987

The Heavster has made a name for himself due to his movie features, his many album releases and co-operations with Pete Rock. No Pete Rock production on this album, the songs are produced by Teddy Riley. OK, what he’s doin from the mid-late 90’s up till now, nobody really understands (many R&B acts, Blackstreet, a.o.) but back in the days Teddy was a pretty tight hip-hop producer. Riley’s the driving force behind Redhead Kingpin and Wrecks-N-Effect, two acts that brought us straight hip-hop.

This album’s old school all the way; funky drumbeats, synth samples and positive lyricism. The opening track 'The Overweight Lover’s In the House' is the official introduction of Hev in the music industry. It’s a dope track, with the famous JB’s 'Pass the Peas' sample (also used by Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul, Common) If you had any doubt: Heavy D’s the girls’ favourite. The whole album is a dedication to the opposite sex. There’s also a dedication to his favourite shoes in 'Nike', a reaction to Run DMC’s 'My A.D.I.D.A.S.'. On the bright yellow cover Heavy D & The Boyz are dressed in all Nike; the reign of Adidas within the hip-hop culture was over. Smooth and funky is 'The Overweighter' with the bass line of the Jacksons hit 'ABC' and Michael Jackson’s voice chopped to the beat by DJ Eddie F. Hev’s partner on this LP. His other partners 'The Boyz', featuring Trouble T Roy (RIP), are representin too, don’t look for any guest rhymes by one of them caus they are his dancers, but now and then they’re shouting in the background like on 'I’m Getting Paid'. A pretty cool joint is 'Mr Big Stuff', 'I’m rough and tough and all that stuff'. Heavy D drops some funny lines, the sample’s cool and ladies are singin.

Two tracks sound really corny and over-produced but yo, what did you expect from the Overweight Lover? The album’s a celebration of 80’s hip-hop, a decade of partying and lovin, and it’s the start of a grand career.

POSTED ON 09|01|2004 by cpf

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