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Rated X And Then Came Tandem • 1990

This is a remarkable album from the Californian duo Cool Breeze and Captain Crunch, with funky dope production and fresh ass rhyming skills. They flipped the script and introduced some lyrical experiments; 'Swift Lift Vocalist' even has a backwards rhyme!

'The Ruff Stuff' is hilarious; funny rhymes with a Jamaican accent over a dope big beat with a delicious sax. Another highlight is the extra-girl-friendly track ('girls are not punching bags?') 'Be Cool to Your Girl', the sample sounds very familiar, ah yes, it’s also used by Madlib on Quasimoto’s 'Axe Puzzles'. Speaking of Lord Quas, the vocals on this album are pretty helium-sized as well. The more I play this album the better it gets…it’s mad funky like only the West could bump it back in the days. One of the funniest albums ever made and, surprisingly, they manage to keep it hardcore 'Ya better be hip or I’ll bust your lip' without losing credit.

Marvellous! Oh yeah, the 'No Explicit Lyrics' sign on the cover is ironical (don’t be surprised)!

POSTED ON 12|12|2004 by cpf

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