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Red Hot Lover Tone #1 Player Select • 1995

1995, the year of fat ass drumbeats, slammin snares and mellow samples. This album is no exception. Red Hot Lover Tone’s second and last solo album before he turned his name into Tone and made fame on the mainstream level with producer’s team Trakmasterz. The production on this album is done by well-known people such as Diamond D, Buckwild, Silver D (DITC affiliate, who produced on AG’s 'The Dirty Version'), Greg Nice and The Trakmasterz.

The title track is a groovy bassline, a melancholic sample and pimp ass rhyming by the number one: 'they call me Chocolate Lover Ten-inches-of-terror lovin' and singing 'we could do it from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bad room floor'. 'In the Game' is a player’s ball with a feature by that other #1 player Big Daddy Kane, claimin he’s still in the game. Smooth as hell is the dedication to his honey wagon 'BMW', with an Al Johnson ('I’m Back for More') that was also sampled on Will Smith’s hit single 'Cruisin' (it’s the first example that popped in my head). Slammin like hell is '4 My Peeps' a rugged track produced by Buckwild and featuring MOP, Prince Po and Notorious B.I.G, who suddenly starts to diss CraZy WuLf: 'I knock the twist out ya dreadlocks'. The song’s remix appears at the end of the album; it’s less tight though. Fresh is '98', where Tone does some heavy name dropping over a boomin beat: 'If ya name was Funk Master you still couldn’t Flex' and 'I got Original Flavor that’s Nice and Smooth, one half of that group, Greg Nice, produced and features on the magnetic party track 'Wanna Make Moves'!

What a great album with great names of the hip-hop industry, and as if that ain’t enough the vinyl’s in red. Bonus!

POSTED ON 11|17|2004 by cpf

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