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Sound Providers An Evening With... ABB • 2004

Hip-hopessimists, stop reminiscing about the old school days and how great they were…today’s hip-hop menu is packed with talented artists, it’s only hard to discover them with all the suffocating head plates, claimin all the attention on TV and radio. Real hip-hop is still out there… to be precisely, in Oakland caus that’s were the Sound Providers are from. Providing hip-hop fans with the finest flavours in beats is their profession.

This album contains 6 instrumentals and 6 cuts with guest artists by the likes of Unspoken Heard’s Asheru, Oakland upcoming talents the Procussions, Wee Bee Foolish (Ken Boogaloo and Yesh), Little Brother, Maspyke and Soulo; a balanced mix between East and West Coast. The lyrics are smooth and relaxed, just like the beats. The recipe ? Very jazz oriented, with ill xylophone, piano and guitar loops plus voice samples from hip-hop legends Rakim, Nas, CL 'never judge a book by the cover' Smooth, Guru, KRS One, Sadat X. The atmosphere is fresh as a Pacific breeze on a midsummer day.

Check out the xylophonesque 'Pacific Vibrations', the smooth and easy 'Jazz at the Cave' and 'Autumns Evening Breeze'. Never were track titles so representative for the music, except for Blue Note albums and Wulf’s 'Sounds of the Wild' CD’s. If you don’t know where to go; why not spend an evening with the Sound Providers (and a young foxy lady) ?

POSTED ON 03|22|2004 by cpf

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