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Y'All So Stupid Van Full Of Pakistans Rowdy • 1993

Oh so underrated, but oh so nice is Y’All So Stupid’s debut and only album. The production is by Spearhead X and Da King & I, the latter is a dope group who dropped the also very nice album 'Contempory Jeep Music'. Talkin about jeep music, the beats on this album are funky as hell and the rhymes are fresh and playful.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed, good vibes and funny. Every song is altered by a skit, but they’re pretty funny, so it’s not really annoying, it fits perfectly within the whole of the album. A highlight song is 'Bowl of Soul', a funky drumbeat with a hypnotic piano break and a guitar sample, the song is very much Pharcyde. 'The Plant' has Diamond D sampled in the chorus, soundin real fresh. Heavy drum rolls and a real nice jazz loop on 'Family Tree', a serious moment within the craziness, as the group criticizes the social situation of the blacks. Fantastic is 'Monkey Off My Back', an up-tempo song with funky horns and a word of advise by the Y’All So Stupid: don’t let others stress you up. The tempo is broken by easier tracks such as 'Dirt Road White Girl' and 'Yall' (nice horns) but every song is fat boombap (read: jeep) music and mad lyricism while the members are very well adjusted to each others and flip different styles, a nice alternation that never bores.

Their style is a mix of the early 90’s West Coast sound (The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief) and the East Coast funk of Diamond D, Fu-Schnickens and Leaders of the New School. If this album is your cup of tea, also check out the album of Da King & I. Hip-hop to the fullest!

POSTED ON 06|13|2004 by cpf

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