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Insight Targeting Zones Bad News (Japan release) • 2004

Thank God I have a cousin in Japan because it seems like this album will not be released in Europe or America (for now). I was already very pleased with the Boston producer/MC’s qualities on his former solo projects and, especially, on Mr Lif’s 'I Phantom'.

This LP only confirms: the man got skills. Where 'The Maysun Project' was an album with a deeper political message this album is more chilled, cooled out, focused on everyday life. Humour is never far away, Insight opens the album with a fantastic imitation of Bahamadia (due to the fact that he couldn’t find a b-girl in time), and his lyrics are full of irony added with some sarcasm. Like I mentioned, the album deals with less political issues, but there’s social emancipation on a remix of 'The Message', of which the original version appeared on The Maysun album and features hip-hop icon KRS-One.While his debut album on Brick Records 'Updated Software version 2.5' was progressive and mechanical, this album’s production is laid-back, straight sampling. The beats sound fresh, jazzy, uplifted and melancholic at the same time, for instance 'Good Morning' (featuring Electric) has a dark, hypnotic sample and obscure, magical voices. Beautiful is also 'Got Skills Galore' with a crazy piano lick and trumpets sampled on a sparkling jazzy bass line. Magical are the flutes on 'Evolution', which has Insight describing his growing-up process in life and music.

Other highlights? The whole fuckin album! Big up to my cousin for hookin me up with the LP and additional info! Oh yeah, all you crate diggers: don’t sleep on 'An Intermission', it has a loop of the multi-sampled artist Bob James, from his song 'Touchdown'.

POSTED ON 08|19|2004 by cpf

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