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Jay Dee Ruff Draft EP Mummy • 2003

No need to introduce this Detroit cat…with productions for the Pharcyde, Keith Murray, Slum Village and most of all A Tribe Called Quest he got my attention and has been one of my favourite producers ever since. Only a few months ago, he stunned me again with the Madlib collabo, Jaylib (Stones Throw, 2003): damn, what an album !! Jay Dee’s beats are still top class: the incredible bass lines, the fat snares and the psychedelic samples are still there.

And once again with this EP (only 5 tracks + 5 interludes) he shows he’s still able to live up to the status he built up. 'For my real niggas only, for the DJ’s who play that real live shit…soundin like it’s straight from the muthafuckin cassette' Jay Dee warns us in the introduction. True indeed: raw beats and gangsta lyrics straight out of the streets of the D. 'Reckless Driving' is an up-tempo beat with a dazzling, dark psycho synthesizer sample, J Dilla advises to bump this in ya car and turn the volume up. No need to worry: my Volkswagen sound system is pumpin, yo! The interlude 'Nothing Like This' has your head nodding to an ill snare and, again, an outer-space sample. 'The $' is definitely a highlight of highlights: a pumpin obscure synth bass line and Jay Dee rhyming about getting your money. Finally some hustler shit that sounds real nice instead of thugsters claimin to be hip-hop. And what about 'Make Em NV': a fat bass line, crazy xylophones and a fine MOP -'jewels you rock, make em envy'– sample make my VW bump even harder.

It’s thuggish, on the edge of commercial beats but at the same time with so much class, craftsmanship and street credibility that I want this in the clubs instead of all the fake-ass bullshit I’m hearing lately. 'For the DJ’s who play that real live shit'

POSTED ON 03|06|2004 by cpf

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