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Joeski Love Joe Cool Columbia • 1990

Joe Roper Jr first hit it big time in 1986 with the classic single 'Pee Wee’s Dance', also the song of which the famous scratch sample 'huh? What?' comes from. It was responded by Steady B’s 'Do The Fila and The Pee Wee Dance'. Two singles followed in the same year. Then, it was waiting for four years until his first LP dropped.

Between the recordings Joeski met Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee, who hooked him up with Hurby Luv Bug, who, at his turn, produced several cuts for this album. With Luv Bug’s style, add a big drop of Dana Dane and Slick Rick and you have the recipe for the Joe Cool album. The album opens with the supa dupa dance track 'I Know She Likes Joe', it’s obvious: Joeski loves dancing and the attention he gets from the ladies. Of the same mark is 'Joe Cool' with funny chorus lyrics, amusing rhymes 'so cool, when I rhyme wear a sweater' and a great feature by Kwame.

All songs are in a happy, funky mood and invite to dance, sometimes a bit hip-housy but also up-tempo and rugged, like 'Rock with Joeski', where Joeski proves he can drop a few rhymes. The album’s great fun and brightens your day in a second, it’s pretty danceable but not over the top; excellent to do a little Pee Wee Dance !

POSTED ON 01|06|2005 by cpf

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