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K9 Posse K9 Posse Arista • 1989

The main reason why I picked up this record is the dope cover. It shows a black barking dog and on his mouth there’s a fascinating promo sticker saying: 'K9 Posse chew it up!' The sticker also warns: 'Enlist Or Be Dis’d, The Choice Is Yours!' Nuff said, so I took the album, ran home, sat back, relaxed…and analysed the music and the credits. K-9 Posse is not really a posse but the two mc’s Vas (aka Versatile in Any Style) and Dubip, backed by DJ Butcher.

The rhymes aren’t that sharp and sound often hilarious: 'Chance, he might escape, nah, not even Rambo could dodge his fate'. The production, however, is dope: live guitars, bass lines and keyboards combined with funky drums and hard snares. The album is produced by Bobby 'Bobcat' Erving, known of L.A. Posse and his solo record 'Cat Got Yo Tongue'. Better known are UTFO’s Mixmaster Ice and the Educated Rapper who co-produced 'No Sell-Out', a track with a hypnotic bass line and aggressive lyricism. The opening track 'This Beat is Military' (check the A-Team intro!) has a Galactic Force Band break that was also used for Dice Raw’s 'Thin Line' and sounds rugged! 'Ain’t Nuthin To It' has a real dope guitar and a great Rakim sample. A great party cracker is 'Say Who Say What' with a dope bass line, a guitar lick and keyboards that were added live in the studio. Funky! Just like the heavy breaks in 'It Gets No Deeper!' and the last track 'No Stoppin or Standin Between the Line'.

The production can stand the test of time but the album’s lyricism, that was supposed to sound hardcore, lost its credibility: 'don’t touch my Grammy, pay attention when I’m talking or catch an eye jammie!' Anyway, it’s funny and it leaves this album with a cult status that’s impeccable. Pick it up if you sees it, it shouldn’t go that much money.

POSTED ON 12|16|2004 by cpf

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