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Mad Kap Look Ma Duke, No Hands Loud • 1993

One of the less known albums released on Steve Rifkind’s Loud Records is Mad Kap’s (Dr Soose, Coke and Motif), a West Coast group that’s affiliated with the Alkaholiks. The music is comparable with the Lik’s first record '21 & Over' and Beatnuts’ 'Street Level', however Mad Kap manage to keep their own sound.

While The Alkaholiks are rhyming about booze consumption, Mad Kap follows Cypress Hill’s footsteps; promoting weed smoking. Mad Kap’s music also has a bigger jazz touch to it with lots of horns. Almost every song is followed by an intermezzo, consisting of instrumental pieces and funny skits. The opening track is 'Here Comes The Break': a funky break, a dazzling crazy sample and trumpets: the trend for the rest of the album is set. An example of a funny skit is 'Dickies Emporium': 'you’re not a real thug until you wear kaki’s!' The intermissions are pieces of fine jazz music with now and then a trumpet or a sax solo. The Beatnuts are not far away on 'When It Rains It Pours', this beat somehow reminds me of Chi-Ali’s 'Roadrunner' with that same deep horn in the background. Also very nice on the track is the trumpet solo (not a sample but played live!). An absolute banger is 'Check it Out' with guest emcees Alhee Rockstar, the always top notch King Tee and The Lik’s finest Tash. This one’s a rhyming fest, yo! Other guests on the album is the world’s fastest MC Daddy Freddy on 'Fuck what ya heard' giving the song a ragga chorus, The Alkaholiks on 'Beddie Bye', kickin it as usual, and friends from around the corner LaQuan, L. Dub, and Broadway on the crazy sampled 'Dopest Verse', pure gold!

Another jewel is 'Proof is in the Puddin', a fat beat with a nice saxophone in the chorus, a definite highlight on the album. The beats are funky and contain lots of instruments, the rhymes are funky, fast but smooth and never bore. If you like jazzy hip hop on a funk tip: give it a spin cuz the proof’s in the pudding!

POSTED ON 10|13|2004 by cpf

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