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Main One Birth Of A Ghetto Child Select Street • 1995

Many rappers with Puerto Rican roots have made a name in hip-hop. Amongst them are artists such as Fat Joe, Big Pun, Kurious and Main One. The last name is probably less known because he didn’t drop any classics like the others. This debut album isn’t a very classic one but if you ever come it across while diggin, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

It’s a heavy album with funky beats (like The Beatnuts and Showbiz) and nice lyrics. DITC-member Buckwild did two cuts: 'Learn to be a Man 4self' and 'Nigguz ain’t Got It', soundin like always: raw and streetwise. The album consists of up-tempo funk beats and down-tempo smoothness. Other beat makers are Ski from Original Flavor (funkiness guaranteed !), Donald D ('Don’t Sing…Bring It!') and Silver D (who produced 2 cuts on Positive K’s 'Da Skillz dat pay the Bills') Main One hasn’t got a strong flow but he proves to be an excellent text writer, telling stories about his youth life in the ghetto. The album is pretty much a collection of tales from the hood. Highlights on the album are the title song 'Birth of the Ghetto Child' with a nice piano lick, heavy bass drum and the infamous 'Life as a shorty' Inspectah Deck-sample. Hypnotic, Pete Rock funk is '4 My Shorties'.

Top-notch is the Puerto Rican anthem with a smooth salsa horn sample; 'El Gran Combo', with guest MC’s Fat Joe, Kurious, Prince (from Powerule) and Fatal, droppin crazy lyrical styles. A real party banger this one !! Don’t sleep on it.

POSTED ON 04|03|2004 by cpf

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