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Nefertiti L.I.F.E. Mercury • 1994

When it comes to hip-hop, women never managed to break a leg on the underground level. We had Roxanne Shante, Salt N Peppa, MC Lyte, Shazzy, Queen Latifah, Heather B on the east side and Yo Yo, Lady of Rage on the west side. Although they worked with some ill producers and MC’s their albums never broke through.

Even Nefertiti’s album never made a name in rap music. Nefertiti isn’t the greatest of female MC’s but the album features some great names: Diamond D produced 2 tracks, DJ Pooh did 6 cuts and Guru produced and features on 'No Nonsense' (scratches by DJ Premier!), an up-tempo funk track where Los Angeles and New York connect. Other hip-hop personalities on the album are King Tee, who’s guest mc on 'Trouble In Paradise', MC Lyte, who’s takin care of the background vocals on 'No Nonsense' and Yaggfu Front remixed the track 'Family Tree'. The production is tight all the way. Rugged, funky beats, that support the rough rhymes of Nefertiti, are the key to the album’s strength. Therefore, Nefertiti’s debut is well worth checkin out. Highlight songs are Diamond’s 'Family Tree' and 'Come down, baby', two great tracks with a typical DITC touch: raw, groovy and funky. Another bomb track is 'Trouble In Paradise': King Tee is wreckin shit over an ill DJ Pooh beat !

Far from a classic but maybe the female mc is need to receive some more credit in the male jungle that hip-hop sometimes tends to be.

POSTED ON 05|01|2004 by cpf

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