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Quasimoto The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas Stones Throw • 2005

In 2001, Quasimoto took us on a quest through a universe of dusty loops, dirty blunts and dipped honeys; 'The Unseen' was and still is a true masterpiece. Now, four years later, the adventures continue as Madlib flips yet again the craziest beats and Quas still remains a bad-to-the bone charachter. 'Bullyshit' proves he's become even badder: 'hittin every wife, caus we all up on strife'. 'Further Adventures' is a collection of music pieces and interludes, sometimes annoying and far-fetched but it won’t hurt the arty charachter of the LP.

You just hear that Madlib amused himself while producing and recording the album. It stands out in creativity and versatility. The sampling is broader than on 'The Unseen' and so a lot of music shines through the beats. As for Quas, he still talks about the girlies, for instance in the fantastic 'Maingirl', with grimey strings, Oriental singing and backwards recorded drums. More dip stories in 'Fatbacks', of which the chorus 'I like my bitches fat not flat' is inspired on the chorus of Show&AG’s classic 'Fat Pockets'. The beat is slammin bassdrums, a mystic voice and the 'diggin in them cakes!' concept is funny fresh. Another favourite subject of Lord Quas is trees ('Greenery') ànd of course music. Check out the minimalistic 'Players of the Game', the string-laced headnodder 'Another Demo Tape', about the abundance of uninspired demos Madlib (not Quas!) receives, and 'Raw Addict pt 2', a wonderful dedication to the art of cratediggin. This album is a celebration of old school rap: for instance the magnificent ode 'Rappcats pt 3' and the multiple references such as 'we drink old gold like Mr X & Mr Z' show Madlib's love for the old days.

Despite all that, there’s a few uninspired ('Raw Deal' aka recycled DJ Spinna beat) even boring tracks ('Life is...'), the Quasimoto concept is nuthin new anymore and unfortunately the phenomenal 'Season Change' is missing on the retail copy. But 'The Further Adventures' does have a broader musical background and is loaded with creativity. Let there be no doubt: this is a class album with plenty of crazy production that’ll have you bugged out (not convinced yet? Check 'Strange Piano' or 'TNK'). A fresh album that deserves a big fat quality stamp! But is it a classic like the first album? No, it's not.

POSTED ON 05|05|2005 by cpf

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