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Boodah And Da Bandit Brain On Drugz EP Tuff City • 1995

This EP is not Tuff City's most notorious release but it's a pretty fine gem to pick up and store on ya record shelve. One of the label's last albums featured MC Boodah and Da Bandit rhyming about their hobby: smoking trees. The vinyl album's only five tracks deep, the CD-issue has an extra Funkmaster Flex promo single.

The beats are hydro: down-tempo, jazzy and hypnotic. 'Brain On Drugz' has a fat snare, nice piano loop and celebrates the art of weed smoking. The chorus goes 'Everybody pull ya blunts in tha air, blow smoke like ya just don’t care', the lyrics aren't superb, both MC's aren’t the greatest lyricists in the industry but now and then they come up with funny, catchy and smart ass lines. In 'Mary Jane' they go 'She’s a wild thing like Tone Loc but she’s playing hard-to-get if ya pockets are broke', and 'Ya make my brown eyes red not blue'. Another dope track that's also the b-side of the title track's single is 'No Haps', with a catchy trumpet loop and amusing lyrics. The song appeared on several mixtapes. 'Swallow Your Pride' and 'Leave Me Alone' are mostly braggadocios and nice to listen to. The album ends with a remix of the title track 'Brain On Drugz', which is more smoked-out and mellow than the original cut due to an organ loop.

'Brain On Drugz' is a nice little album, dedicated to 'the substance that the law calls illegal'. It misses the quality of a Tuff City classic, but if they would have made a full length album it would've taken a place in hip-hop history! Must be treasured by weed smokers, Tuff City fans and hip-hop collectors.

POSTED ON 05|29|2005 by cpf

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